As super premium domain brokers specializing in .com, it’s fascinating to see the large number of normal everyday people that have no idea what domain brokers do for a living…

The domain name business is a lot like Real Estate, although there is no tangible piece of property. The inventory is digital in nature and typically consisting of Intellectual Property.

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Additionally, domain names are a fantastic alternative investment for someone looking to diversify their portfolio. Furthermore, as a long-term strategy, they tend to increase in value. They also have a very small renewal fee on a yearly basis.

There are many domain brokers in the domain name space. Many brokers focus on all of the top level domains only. Others’ tend to skew towards one specific tld or potentially only a few.

If we drill down little deeper-two dominant types of brokers exist.

  1. Reactive Brokerage: These are the sales platforms that exist in the space. Potential clients use inbound sales platforms such as SEDO or Afternic, type in a keyword and buy their domain name.
  2. Proactive Brokerage: Brokers that take the time to build the leads and determine the best fit for a specific domain name.

I’m amazed how some domain brokers skew towards the reactive approach and don’t take the time to fully understand the opportunity.

Solid domain brokers understand web trends and algorithm updates. They understand the true value of the keyword and take the time to investigate the opportunity thoroughly.

Domain Brokers should be proficient in the anatomy of the domain name. They should also be in-tune with current market conditions when effectively pricing a domain name for sale.

Domain Brokers should never overvalue a domain name. In addition, they should not create false promises for clients. Pricing should be realistic based on current market conditions. Everyone in the Domain Name Industry loses when brokers over promise and under deliver.

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