Among the most crucial decisions in establishing an internet presence is picking a domain name. Ignore the trends and fads of the day and pick a name that makes sense for your company or subject matter today and will still make sense a decade from now. Here are 10 suggestions that will assist you to make a fantastic domain name purchase.

1. Do your homework

Just a small amount of research can go a long way when purchasing a domain name. Find similar websites and check out your competitors’ domains with a website like

Use dnpric to determine when a domain name was last sold, for how much, and the web hosting agent. A favorite domain may have more people resales. You can search by keyword, which will help provide the popularity of particular words in domain name.

2. Buy Domain Name People Can Remember

Even if you’re planning on optimizing the website for search engines, you still need a domain name that individuals can remember and type. Anyone hearing your name needs to know how to sort it without you having to say things like”the number 4″ and”dash-dash.”

It’s also wise to avoid words that have more than 1 spelling if your customers are most likely to be confused and mistype the name. Alternately, you can purchase both versions of the name and guide visitors in the one you prefer less into the name. As you do want a brief name (see below), do not go for something so mysterious that people have difficulty remembering it.

3. Avoid slang terms

Stay away from slang terms and instead select a name that will continue to be meaningful in ten years. This may also help your title be known and remembered by non-native speakers. Whether you intend to conduct business globally, this can help to your neighborhood audience also.

4. Purchase a domain that is shorter rather than longer

The more your domain name is, the harder it is for people to remember it and the greater chance you have of someone misspelling among the words. Most good single word domains are long gone, but it’s still possible to prevent long domains by getting a little creative. For those who have one word you really enjoy that’s not available, consider adding an adjective or verb in front of it and seeing if those variations are available. Think of your domain name as part of your brand, and be sure it matches how you want visitors to consider you.

5. Stick with. Com if you’re able to

Most individuals assume that a domain name ends in. Com so in case you purchase a domain name with one of the additional extensions (.Net, .info, .org, etc.), you will have some additional work to get people to keep in mind your site has another extension. Do not automatically assume you should just buy domains with. Many websites have done very well with different extensions.

6. Do not buy trademarked domains

Even if you’re not trying to create confusion, then you are most likely to face some legal challenges by purchasing trademarked terms in your domain name. To be safe, you can look for U.S. trademarks at and be sure no one owns a trademark on the name you’re contemplating.

7. Do not buy a domain name that is too similar to an existing website

Even if the expression is not trademarked, do not buy domains that are only a variation of some other domain name. This implies preventing plurals if the singular is taken ( vs., hyphenating a term (media-temple. Alternately, you may consider purchasing these variants yourself and set them up so that if a person types in among those variants, they are redirected to your main website.

8. Avoid Buying Hyphen Domain Names

However, we often forget about the hyphens when they type domains. Should you use hyphens in your title, do not buy a domain with over three hyphens. It is just too messy.

9. Avoid numbers

People may get confused about whether the amounts is a digit (3) or a phrase (three). If you would like a number on your domain name because there’s a number in your organization name, purchase both versions (word and digit ) and redirect you to the other.

10. Check availability on Social Networking sites

When you’ve got a name picked out, see if this word or phrase can be found on social networking sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr. Even if you don’t intend on using social media straight away, you will want the option when you are ready, and it is easiest if you can use the identical phrase on each website.

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