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You can be a startup entrepreneur looking for domain names for your new venture, or an established business who has been approached by a seller offering a domain name that’s related to your brand. Or you can be a domain investor with a vague idea of the worth of your domain and are worried about not selling for the right price.

Before you think of selling or buying a domain name, it is important to know its true worth. At Name Experts, we offer domain appraisal services to help clients understand how much they can buy or sell their domain for. While it may be true that the value of a domain name ultimately depends on what the buyer is willing to pay, there are other factors that determine the price of a name asset. Some of these factors include:

Common sense:

  • Not long ago, when the domain name investing business was at its peak, gullible people paid thousands of dollars for worthless domain names and TLDs like .pizza, .music, etc. Some of the exact match domain names are useless, while older domain names that are closer to a brand name, or those with single names, have a higher value.  

Simple and easy to remember:

  • Domain names that are short, easy to understand, and easy to spell are more likely to be remembered.

SEO Value:

  • A domain name’s web ranking, age, its likelihood for a Google penalty or Facebook ban, etc. are determinants of its value.

There are many automated appraisal tools, but very few of them are accurate because there is no accurate way to calculate a domain name’s exact value. An experienced domain appraisal expert takes into account multiple factors, including the industry that’s likely to benefit most from the name, advertising effectiveness, and current trends before offering a detailed report to their clients.

At Name Experts, we have been working in domain name valuation for many years and have helped hundreds of clients get the most out of their investment. Contact us if you’re a buyer and are looking for a domain name in the aftermarket. Call us if you are a domain investor with a name asset profile – we’ll assess the monetary value of every web address name in your portfolio.

We know every web address is different and so is its web worth. Our experts perform domain name valuation for all of your individual websites so that you are more than prepared for negotiations.

What are you waiting for? Contact us for a domain name appraisal and remove the guesswork in predicting your domain’s true value!

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