How to Buy a Domain Name Anonymously

by Joe Uddeme


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Buying a domain name anonymously has many advantages and is often your best choice when acquiring a premium domain name from someone.

Consider this – if a seller knows who wants to buy their domain name, they may drastically change the price of the domain.

For example, if you work for a major corporation, are a newly funded startup or are looking to buy your namesake domain, these can all play into how the seller negotiates the domain price.

Imagine if the previous owner of ‘’ knew Facebook was going to change its name to Meta – imagine how much more the seller would have wanted for their domain.

The upside to buying a domain name anonymously

Anyone can conduct research and dig into tools to understand exactly who somebody is and what their intention might be.

And if the seller can understand what their motto is, what they’re all about, where they came from, how they got to you, and what they’re trying to build – that’s going to raise the value of the domain name.

Whereas if they’re getting contacted by a domain broker, they really don’t have any visibility into who the buyer is. The seller only understands that someone’s interested in their domain.

They don’t know where that person’s coming from. It could be someone in the US could be someone internationally. Staying anonymous when buying a domain name is really critical.

In many instances, the buyer or seller could become emotionally attached to a transaction.

But, the problem is when people become emotional, that is when transactions tend to blow up and go to the wrong way.
And all of those parts are really important when you’re going out to try and buy a domain name.

Can you buy a domain name anonymously?

Yes, you can always buy a domain name anonymously. There are two major ways to do that, a domain name broker or a domain name marketplace.

Using a domain name broker to buy a domain anonymously

Domain brokers are intermediaries facilitating domain name sales between buyers and sellers. They’re similar to real estate brokers but doing a relatively tougher job.

It’s more challenging to track domain name owners than real estate owners. Likewise, domain names are intangible assets, so it’s harder to value them accurately.

Domain brokers take the responsibility of pursuing a domain name sale on your behalf. They can help you track the owner, perform due diligence on a domain name’s value, and negotiate the best price.

Domain brokers typically charge a flat fee or a percentage of the domain sale. Some even charge both.

The typical domain broker commission is between 10 to 20%. Anything above that, and you’re likely overpaying.

Some domain brokers charge fees to only a buyer, while some take a cut from the buyer and seller. Some may also charge a fee regardless of if the domain name negotiations result in a sale. Just be sure to find an affordable one.

We advise you to choose a domain broker offering valuation services. It’s hard to estimate your domain’s value as a seller, but some brokers have teams dedicated to this activity.

Hence, they’re likely to find you a better offer than those without valuation teams.

Using a domain marketplace to buy a domain anonymously
You can buy anonymous domain names through a specialized marketplace, especially for lower-cost domains.

There are many such marketplaces, such as, Flippa, and Sedo.

Domain name marketplaces function like any other online marketplace. Users list their domain names as available for sale, and other users can bid for them.

The negotiations are exclusively between the seller and prospective buyers, with no third parties involved.

How do I Buy a Private Domain?

You can use a domain broker’s services or sign up on a domain name marketplace. Be sure to find an experienced domain broker who can negotiate an excellent price. Likewise, find a domain marketplace with good customer reviews.

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