Domain names are similar to traditional real estate. If we use the analogy of beachfront real estate, the .com is your oceanfront. .net, .org, .whatever then play second fiddle for brand perspective.

Shorter is better and short, brandable .com domain names are typically expensive and classified as premium. When targeting end users to sell domains, its important to dig down and find the decision maker within the organization who can ultimately pull the trigger for a successful transaction.

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Here is your chance to get jump into the fashion business head first!, is an iconic brand, dating back to the early days of the Internet. The domain name has a strong history of success and a ton of back links to make the SEO strategy easier. "Fashion"  as a global keyword, delivers category-defining upside and is heavily searched around the world.

2021-02-11T17:10:32-05:00 exclusively available through our firm, and ready for development! is a superb four letter, easy to spell and pronounce--English Dictionary word, is primed for digital transformation and long term brand recognition.

Abortion Pill

More and more Women are searching online to buy the Abortion Pill. The term Abortion ...


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Selling a domain name requires a keen understanding of the value proposition for the prospective target. Why is the domain name a good fit for the prospective user, and helping to articulate that information in a way that’s easy to understand and impactful.

We also need to set the expectations of the seller to make sure they understand that value is driven by the market and timing of the asset.

Furthermore, domain strategy and defensive positioning also play an important role in determining domain name values and whether an asset is classified as premium. What is the assets intended use, and how does it add the overall strategy of brand recognition and defensive position versus the competition.