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We make the entire domain name buying process easy.

“I’ve worked with other domain brokers and Joe is the only domain broker I felt 100% confident with throughout the whole process.”

Eran Zinman , Co-founder @

When you use Name Experts…

  • We’ll keep your identity private from the seller
  • We’ll research the domain’s history to identify any past issues
  • We’ll give you a recommended offer price based on market comps
  • We’ll contact the seller and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best price
  • We’ll facilitate the complete domain transfer including escrow & purchase agreement

Everything is done for you, taking the emotion and stress out of making a domain purchase.

“Joe Uddeme has closed more deals for us than any other broker in the industry.

He’s responsive, hardworking, knowledgeable, and well connected.”

Steve Barnes, GM @ Tucows

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Frequently asked questions:

In most instances, the seller will pay our fee, so you have no out of pocket expenses for buying a domain name.

There is no fee unless we successfully secure a domain name on your behalf.

Our service is a value-add taking the stress and work out of buying a domain.

Sometimes, the owner might not wish to sell, or the offer is too low to close a deal.

We can help determine whether the intended domain might be available and if so, we will advise on the best path to take.

Protecting your anonymity is imperative, whether you are an investor, or one-time buyer for a domain name.

Sellers have a tendency to develop big dollar signs when they know who the potential buyer is.

It’s fairly easy to research anyone or entity. Using a third party removes any guesswork.

Typically the transaction can be handled quickly and can normally be completed within a week’s time.

In many cases, this process is considerably longer if there is active negotiation and redlined documents that go back-and-forth between parties.

We’ll do this for you. We have standard APA’s or asset purchase agreements for contractual language.

Often buyers and sellers don’t require a contract and using the escrow provider’s terms and conditions is adequate for a domain purchase.

This process has become extremely difficult for the average person to find success with.

Due to privacy factors (GDPR), whois has been redacted for most domain name owners.

This is where we can help – we’ll determine the proper ownership channel for a domain name.

Need help buying a domain? We make the domain buying process easy.

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6 Steps We Use to Help You Purchase a Premium Domain Name

Step 1: We’ll research the premium domain you’d like to purchase

We identify domain(s) and conduct research around ownership, potential availability, timing, process and logistics.

Step 2: We’ll research and contact the domain owner

Often tracking down a domain owner can be difficult, particularly for premium domains. We have specialized ways of finding the owner and starting the communication process.

Step 3: We’ll gather info about your domain

Gather as much information from the owner, to help buyer make an informed decision. The more detail the better when it comes to acquiring a domain name. Try to understand the history of the domain name and dig a little deeper to research the domain name in question.

Step 4: We’ll negotiate the final purchase price & terms

Guide both buyer and seller to reach a mutually beneficial conclusion for both sides while offering fair guidance along the way.
Coordinate all contracts and paperwork on behalf of all parties for a seamless transition and transfer. Helping both parties navigate the uncharted domain transfer process can be daunting. We make sure you are covered and work to get you the best deal.

Step 5: We’ll transfer domain ownership

Handle all transfers, whether to alike registrars, or different registrars—we make sure the name winds up where you want it to go. This process can be challenging. Having contacts at registrars really helps streamline the process.

Step 6: We’ll manage payment through escrow

Escrow closing with quick payment via as the preferred escrow source. There are other reputable escrow agencies that also can handle the escrow process.

Need help buying a domain? We make the domain buying process easy.

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Why Name Experts?

Aftermarket domain names are each a unique opportunity and need to be treated as such. When you are faced with the daunting task of finding a domain name, you only have one chance to get it right. Where do you start? Finding a domain owner can be challenging and cumbersome. Most domain names are now hidden or redacted due to privacy concerns.

Domain names are the foundation of any successful brand, and should be viewed, similar to traditional forms of real estate, without the tangible asset.

The domain name may, or may not, be available and a seasoned domain expert can save you time, money, and work within the buyers’ timeline and parameters to deliver a successful transaction.

We help you through the entire process including identifying, contact, negotiating, contracts, escrow and transfer details.

We are the most persistent buy-side broker that can quickly identify the owner, and make contact to see if the asset is available. We have over twelve years of experience, with a proficiency in Search Engine Optimization to help identify keyword-rich domain names that add value and credibility to your global positioning.

At Name Experts we use our business and marketing background to assist our clients with the proper domain name strategy for their specific branding needs.

  • Protect Clients Anonymity
  • Negotiate A Fair Market Value Price
  • Save clients money by understanding the market
  • Remove the Emotional Attachment Component
  • Leverage industry-wide relationships to tap into a network of available domain names for sale
  • Services all TLD’s and buy requests for clients
  • Expert and Professionalism throughout entire transaction

Need help buying a domain? We make the domain buying process easy.

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