Domain Name Acquisitions

How to acquire the perfect domain name for your business

Joe Uddeme

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Domain name acquisition is the act of buying a domain already owned by someone else. Domain acquisition can be daunting, especially for a premium – generic name in a high-demand. Even before purchasing, choosing the best domain name for your business can be challenging.

There are unlimited ideas for domain names but limited availability. Hence, you must balance what’s possible and available before selecting the right domain name.

The name selection stage requires extensive research. Domain names that you like may not be available, so you must find similar yet good-sounding ones.

After selecting the right domain name, buying it can be tedious due to many factors, including cost.

Domain name buyers often struggle to decide how much (or how little) is appropriate to spend on a domain. We’ve helped many businesses and startups acquire domains for over 10 years, and here is how we suggest you go about the process.

Finding an available domain

Picking your domain name is the first step, and there are many things to consider.

  • What’s the long-term play of your domain?
  • Do you have plans to switch to another domain?
  • Are there established trademarks conflicting with your name choice?

If you’re selecting a domain name you intend to use for a long time, it is essential to make the best choice beforehand.

On the flip side, some people decide to pick less recognizable domain names at the beginning and switch to a better one when they have more funds.

Also, you should consider if there are established trademarks or brand names conflicting with your domain name choice. You don’t want to pick a name that sounds similar to an already existing brand. It could be confusing to customers, and you may even get sued.

Likewise, consider the keywords of your domain name choice. Ensure to pick keywords related to your industry. For example, “” is a relatable name for a cybersecurity company.

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Be flexible when acquiring a domain name

Many prospective buyers avoid domain names that have already been taken, but it isn’t the best strategy. Be open to initiating discussions with domain name owners to see if they’re willing to sell, mainly those who aren’t utilizing theirs for an active website.

We can understand why buyers usually avoid contacting domain name owners directly. Fear of rejection, being unsure how to approach the sale, not knowing how to value a domain – all these things can hinder the domain acquisition process.

Another is that they may not have the proper contacts. Finding a domain owner is not always easy with the many privacy options available to hide the identity of a domain owner.

However, Name Experts is a domain name broker committed to helping you through the process. We can help you initiate contact and negotiate the best possible price for a domain.

Negotiating a premium domain name

Negotiation is the most crucial step in acquiring a domain name. Educating yourself on the market and understanding the value of the domain is critical to effective negotiations.

Study the domain’s history, when it was first purchased, how it has been used in the past and if it has incurred any SEO penalties can help value the domain.

But, ultimately it all comes down to your budget and the price the seller is willing to take.

A good domain name broker can save you thousands of dollars. Expert brokers have extensive experience in arranging domain sales and better understand the competitive landscape in the domain name industry. Hence, they can leverage this knowledge and expertise to haggle the best prices.

Putting together a contract for a premium domain name

Once the buyer and seller have agreed on deal terms, the final step is to execute the sale. Both parties need to draw up a contract clearly stating the deal terms.

Afterward, the buyer puts money into escrow to be released once the seller transfers the domain. These steps are often challenging to handle yourself, so using a domain name broker is smart.

Name Experts can help you arrange a domain name acquisition on the most convenient terms. We take care of the negotiations, contracts, and final execution. We have over a decade of experience in brokering domain name sales collectively worth tens of millions of dollars.

These strategies will help you acquire a domain name cost-effectively and with minimal stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is domain name acquisition?

Domain name acquisition is the process of legitimately bidding for and gaining control of one or more registered domains, whether they are parked or actively in use.

How do I buy a domain name I want?

The first step is to go to a domain registrar and search the domain name to see if it’s already registered. If it is, double-check whether it’s a parked domain or in active use. If the domain isn’t registered – make the purchase through the registrar and the domain is yours.

If the domain is already registered, you’ll have a lot more work to do. If it’s a parked domain, there’s usually a direct contact detail placed by the owner. If it’s a live website, you can snoop around the website to check if you’ll find contact details. You can also run the domain name through the WHOIS database to possibly find contact details.

If you are able to find the domain owner, you can negotiate directly with the domain name owner. However, this has many drawbacks, particularly if it is a premium domain.

Staying anonymous when making an offer on a domain name can help with negotiations and often get you a better price. Hiring a domain broker is well worth it when purchasing a premium domain.

What is a domain acquisition service?

A domain acquisition service handles all the aspects of the domain brokerage process, including;

  • Identifying the owner and contacting them
  • Negotiating the best price for the domain name
  • Arranging all legal paperwork, escrow, and final transfer of the domain

Name Experts is a good example of a domain acquisition service, but we put together a list of the best domain brokers for premium domains to help you decide.

Can someone take my domain name?

Other people can’t get your domain name without your permission. The typical exception is when someone gains unauthorized access to your account, which would pose a significant problem. Another way is for someone to compromise your domain registrar, but this is rare.

Generally, people can’t take away a domain name you have registered legally. They can contact you with offers to buy, but it’s up to you to decide whether or not you’re selling. You could also employ a domain name broker to help you shop around your domain for the best price.

Is a domain broker service worth it?

Yes, domain name brokers are worth their weight in gold to both buyers and sellers. The process of negotiating a domain name deal and finalizing it is hectic.

There are many steps involved, and it could take a long time. A domain name broker helps both deal parties conduct the sale most conveniently.

How do domain brokers work?

Domain brokers charge fees for each brokered deal. Some charge flat fees, while some take commissions on the final deal value. Most brokers charge fees to the buyer, seller, or both parties in a successful transaction.

Domain brokers may charge fees for their service regardless of the success of the acquisition process.

Why should you hire a broker?

Domain brokers have profound experience in brokering domain sales and better understand the competitive tenets of the domain name market. They can leverage this experience and knowledge to get you the best deal you wouldn’t be able to do yourself.

Is it legal to buy domain names for profit?

It’s legal to buy a domain name with expectations of reselling it for a higher price in the future. However, there are some exceptions, such as cybersquatting, which implies buying a domain to profit from an already trademarked name.