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Whether you a seasoned domain investor with dozens of name assets on the market or someone who has just one domain name to sell, it is a good idea to hire professionals whose job is to maximize your sales potential. Name Experts is an experienced domain broker selling domain names for more than a decade.

Selling domain names is exciting but risky as well. You might be sitting on a virtual goldmine with a domain name that’s worth several million dollars. Or you could be owning name assets that are worth pennies! The challenge is knowing the real value of your domain name and to convince the buyer of its worth.

Are you looking for a quick sale, or would you like to hang on and negotiate? Do you need to be absolutely sure of an asset’s value before you sell? Or are you worried about being tricked into selling your domain name for less than it is worth? You need more than experience to sell a domain name. At Name Experts, our master negotiators know what it takes to market your name assets successfully. We know who will benefit most from buying your domain name and have a clear strategy to pitch your assets to them for the right price and at the right time. If you’re thinking of selling domain names, you need our services to:

  • Evaluate your domain’s value: Your domain name is worth only as much a buyer is willing to pay. However, there are several other factors that matter. For example, single word .com assets sell for a higher price than two o three- word names. At Name Experts, we evaluate your assets honestly so that you have a realistic expectation of what your domain is worth.
  • Market the domain name: To sell a domain name for a profit, you need to find the right buyer. We’ve worked in the industry long enough to know who benefits from your domain name. Our experts know where to market your assets and how to promote them.
  • Negotiate: Without help from an experienced domain broker like Name Experts, you might end up leaving money on the table. We’ll negotiate for you and help you maximize your profit.
  • Handle the transfer: We’ll also guide you throughout the sale process, making sure the buyer lives up to his end of the deal. All transfers are handled through – a licensed and audited escrow service ideal for domain names.

We will do all of this and more on your behalf, without compromising your identity or confidentiality. We’ve earned the trust of our clients with consistent performance and open communication.

Interested in selling domain names? We can help! Contact us at 410 977 0693 for a quick quote.

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