Selling Domain Names

Whether you a seasoned domain investor with dozens of name assets on the market or someone who has just one domain name to sell, it is a good idea to hire professionals whose job is to maximize your sales potential. Name Experts is an experienced domain broker selling domain names for more than a decade. Selling domain names is exciting but risky as well. You might be sitting on a virtual goldmine with a domain name that’s worth several million dollars. Or you could be owning name assets that are worth pennies! The challenge is knowing the real value of your domain name and to convince the buyer of its worth.

Sellers are sometimes emotionally attached to the asset in question. As the domain name expert and broker, we are charged with the responsibility to set the clients expectation. We don’t believe in false promises and pride ourselves on our no-BS approach towards brokerage. Sellers need to identify their needs and realistically price their assets in a way that will be receptive to potential acquisition partners. Sellers must identify their goals. Are they selling the asset just to clear it off the board, or are they selling it because they don’t have a need for it any longer? Maybe its not for sale, but someone made an offer?

  1. What type of Seller are you? Answer these questions below to determine your intent? What is your time frame for a potential sale?
  2. Have you established pricing for the relevant asset(s)?
  3. Has any outbound marketing been completed around the asset to this point? If so, when ad why was it not successful?
  4. What are you trying to accomplish? Why do you think your name holds value?

There are three types of pricing models that we use to sell your domain name depending on your intent to

sell. The four types are outlined below:

Retail Seller: A seller that is intent on waiting for an end-user to acquire their domain name. In most instances, these are names that hold long-term equity and have many commercial uses for the asset. This is typically a higher price point than the two other types of domain sellers.

Market Seller: A seller that is ok with the current market conditions—whether favorable or not. This type of seller is looking to move the asset to raise capital for an alternate project and wants to move fairly quickly to create liquidity.

Liquidation Seller: A liquidation seller needs liquidity right away and will normally sell their assets at a steep-price reduction due to the need for immediate capital. Sometimes, these sellers might enlist an Auction service to help sell the asset.

You need more than experience to sell a domain name. At Name Experts, our master negotiators know what it takes to market your name assets successfully. We know who will benefit most from buying your domain name and have a clear strategy to pitch your assets to them for the right price and at the right time. If you’re thinking of selling domain names, you need our services to:

  • Value your Domain Name: Your domain name is worth only as much a buyer is willing to pay. However, there are several other factors that matter. For example, single word .com assets sell for a higher price than two or three- word names. At Name Experts, we evaluate your assets based on fifteen market indicators, as well as comps of other names that recently sold in the market, so that you have a realistic expectation of what your domain is worth.
  • Pinpoint Accuracy: Anyone can launch a newsletter and blast out a name for sale. But do they take the time to dig to find the perfect buyer? Are they willing to keep the persistence until they get an answer? If you want to sell a domain name for a profit, you need to find the right buyer. We’ve worked in the industry long enough to know who benefits from your domain name. Our experts know where to market your assets and how to promote them.
  • Marketing: A combination of email, phone, and press releases cover our global exposure. We also have industry-wide relationships to help connect the dots and find the perfect buyer.
  • Negotiate: Without help from an experienced domain broker like Name Experts, you might end up leaving money on the table. We’ll negotiate for you and help you maximize your profit.
  • Transfer Service: We’ll also guide you throughout the sale process, making sure the buyer lives up to his end of the deal. All transfers are handled through – a licensed and audited escrow service ideal for domain names. We help coordinate to make sure your domain name ends up at the appropriate Registrar.

We will do all of this and more on your behalf, without compromising your identity or confidentiality.

We’ve earned the trust of our clients with consistent performance and open communication. We work on a success fee model and all domain names. There are no up-front fees and all commission is only paid once we close a deal.

We are exclusively focused on brokering single word .com domain names only. Please get in touch today for a free consultation on your premium domain names.