Premium domains are the best type of domains because they are memorable and tend to draw a lot of organic traffic.

To the uninitiated, premium domains are short, catchy, and memorable domain names that have a high potential to become popular web addresses. They also present great branding opportunities for websites.

The best places to find premium domains for your business include:

  • Name Experts
  • GoDaddy
  • Sedo
  • Network Solutions
  • Namecheap

How Do I Buy Premium Domains?

Buying a premium domain name isn’t as easy as buying normal domain names. They’re premium, meaning there’s high demand for them. You’d need to adhere to specific procedures to maximize your chances of getting a premium domain.

But, to start, the best places to find a premium domain name for sale include:

  • Domain Name Registrars

Domain name registrars are the first place to search for premium domain names. After deciding on the domain name you want, you can consult any registrar to see if it’s available and purchase it if so. There are hundreds of domain registrars, so you have a broad range of choices.

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  • Domain Marketplaces 

There are dedicated online marketplaces connecting domain name sellers with potential buyers.

If you want a premium domain name that has already been registered by someone else, chances are it’s available in one of these marketplaces.

In this area, it’s crucial to have good negotiation skills so that you can get the best possible deal.

If you think you aren’t up to the task, you can enlist the services of a specialized domain name broker to help you negotiate a deal.

  • Online Forums

There are many online forums where webmasters and domain name owners discuss various topics and the latest events relating to their work.

Occasionally, you can find a premium domain name for sale from a participant in these forums. Some forums even have dedicated sections for users to list domain names for sale.

  • Domain Auction Sites

Many registrars host auctions for domain names expiring on their platform, giving potential buyers a good opportunity to get their hands on useful domains.

Periodically, you can find a valuable domain name on these auction sites and acquire them. But, note that you’ll be bidding against other moneyed buyers, and the competition can be tough.

Here are some examples of reputed platforms where you can acquire premium domains;

Name Experts

Name Experts is a domain name broker specializing in premium domains. We have a select number of premium domain names listed for sale. Here are a few of the types of premium domains we offer for sale:

Domains like, and are the type of premium domains we sell.

If you have a specific domain name in mind that’s already registered, you can enlist Name Experts to help you track down the buyer and negotiate a possible deal.

We have considerable experience in brokering premium domain sales for third-parties, so you’ll be in good hands with us. Since our inception, we have brokered over $99 million in domain name sales, which is no small feat.

One of the main advantages of using a domain broker like Name Experts is that you can protect your anonymity while purchasing a premium domain.

If the seller knows your identity, they may assume you have deep pockets and hike the prices, but going through a domain broker prevents that from happening.

In case you’re not able to get the domain name you want, a domain broker can also give you great advice on finding an alternative one.


GoDaddy is one of the world’s largest domain registrars serving millions of customers. You can search for any domain name on the platform to see if it’s available and register it straight away if it is.

Alongside typical domain registration, GoDaddy also holds auctions for domain names expiring on its platform, and you can bid for them.

Millions of customers use GoDaddy, so you’ll be in good company if you choose it. But, over the years, many people have accused the platform of domain name front-running, which entails registering a domain name after one of its users searches for it for the purpose of flipping it for profit. GoDaddy has continued to deny such practice, but the accusation prevails.

To err on the safe side, you should check for availability on other domain registrars before heading to GoDaddy to register a domain once and for all.

GoDaddy’s domain prices are pretty reasonable, and the platform gives significant discounts to new buyers.

One downside of GoDaddy is that it offers many extra services outside domain registration and always tries to upsell them. So, a beginner may find it difficult to navigate the platform.


Sedo is a dedicated domain name marketplace and one of the most popular in its space, with over 18 million registered users.

It allows domain name owners to list their domains for sale and prospective buyers to get in touch with them. If there’s a premium domain name for sale, chances are it’s listed on Sedo.

When you head to the Sedo website, there’s a search bar where you can input any keyword and generate a list of premium domain names for sale matching that keyword.

To demonstrate, we searched for “laptops” and got the results displayed in the below image;

From the image, you can see the domains,, and readily listed for sale with a “buy now” button next to them.

These are domains that their owners have listed with a set price. You can also see others, like and, which their owners have listed without a set price and are entertaining offers.

Sedo also hosts auctions for some domain names listed on its platform. These auctions present reliable opportunities to get your hands on premium domains without strenuous effort.

Network Solutions

Network Solutions is a well-known domain registrar with over 7 million domains registered on its platform. It offers over 500 domain name extensions, including popular ones like .com, .org, .net, and .info.

Alongside typical domain registration, Network Solutions also offers premium domain names for sale on its platform.

There’s a marketplace on the platform where domain owners list their domains and seek potential buyers. You can get in touch with these owners and negotiate a deal.

Likewise, Network Solutions holds auctions for expiring domain names. You can place back-orders to give you the chance to acquire these domains once they become available for sale.

One remarkable thing about Network Solutions is that it offers domain brokerage services. For a fee, the company’s representatives can make offers for domain names that you want.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll get the domain name this way, but there’s no harm in trying. is a typical example of a premium domain name bringing great value to a business. The URL generates a lot of organic traffic for the domain name registrar, which is valuable considering the intense competition in the industry.

On, you can find premium domains at competitive prices. There’s a search bar where you can insert your keyword and get a corresponding list of premium domain names for sale.

Our investigation indicates that has one of the largest inventory of premium domains available for immediate purchase.

If a domain name you want has already been taken, you can use’s WHOIS lookup tool to check for the owner’s contact details.

The details should be available if the owner hasn’t enabled domain privacy protection. If you find the details, you can get in touch with them directly or enlist the services of a domain name broker to help you negotiate a deal.

The downside of is that it has no domain name marketplace connecting owners and potential buyers


Namecheap stays true to its name, such that its domain names are pretty affordable.

It’s an attested place for finding a list of premium domain names for sale associated with a specific keyword for reasonable prices.

You can use the Namecheap search bar to search for available domain names. Likewise, there’s a dedicated marketplace where you can buy listed domains instantly or participate in auctions.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Premium Domain?

Getting a premium domain can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days or even months. It ultimately depends on availability. If a premium domain name is listed at a set price, you can acquire it immediately. Otherwise, direct negotiations can take a long time depending on the owner’s responsiveness.

Do Premium Domains Expire?

Yes, they expire just like any other domain. That’s why you can find some expiring ones on the auction block. It’s essential to ensure your domain name doesn’t expire by placing it on automatic renewal.

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