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You have interest in a domain names, but the name you want to acquire for your brand is already developed and not for sale… What would you do? Hire a domain broker? Lets take a moment to review a few best practices that can help you secure your perfect domain name brand and not overpay in the process…
These are most notable problems for brand managers and startups alike. How important is it to secure that perfect domain name brand? Are there alternative options that might make a better fit within your budget?
Sometimes, brand managers are looking specifically for one domain name and won’t consider other alternatives. Is this the best strategy? Most of the time we would say no and here’s why:

Have an open mind and follow these steps for best practices: Find a domain broker that can help you…

1. Do you diligence-make a list of suitable targets starting with the .com. If you are unable to afford the main brand, make sure your alternatives solve the same problem. In addition,

2. Run a trademark search-visit to make sure there are no outstanding trademarks around the brand or niche you are targeting. Therefore,

3. Prepare your list-give yourself options and rank your preferences. A reputable domain broker should be able to assist with this exercise. Most of all,

4. Set your budget-make sure you have adequate resources and the ability to secure your brand. Think about the expense associated with the marketing of the brand. Take the time to understand how you will be driving eyes to your concept while,

5. Don’t get emotionally attached– the all important element. Make sure you are not attached to only one concept or brand. Think about it creatively. In some instances, there are decent and suitable alternatives to consider.

6. TRUST YOUR BROKER-good brokers are extremely valuable and should always represent your interests. Make sure you are comfortable with your domain broker. Ask questions and push for transparency, and most importantly,

7. Don’t Settle-find the perfect name, look at top alternatives and other tld’s where warranted. Maybe in your instance, the .net would suffice and be a decent alternative to the .com

In conclusion, domain names are worth what someone is willing to spend on them. Take the time to do the research, ask the appropriate questions and find a brand based on need and not only desire. Furthermore, if your specific target is not for sale, maybe there’s a way to help the owner change their mind? Maybe there’s a good opportunity to find a better alternative at a much more attainable price point. is a full service domain brokerage firm specializing in the single word generic .com. We have successfully negotiated and closed more than $46,000,000.00 in sales and have a stellar reputation for fairness, honesty and transparency.
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