How to Get the Right Domain Name for Your Startup

Successful online businesses stay competitive in their industry partly because of their domain names. The importance of domain names can hardly go overstated. This is why so many new businesses and startups take a while to figure out their perfect domain name. For one, most domain names are already registered. Businesses have to negotiate with current owners to make use of the name–and that’s no easy feat. Domain name experts have the skill set and knowledge to help in this capacity.

Let’s look at specific guidelines to make your domain name trendy and yet useful.


Domain name experts recommend these four criteria.


  • Brand Recall: A quality domain name should always signify the purpose of your startup. Anybody should be able to make a connection between the business name and the URL. Make sure to avoid any extreme differences between your domain name and business name so that customers don’t have to struggle to reconcile the two.


  • Functional & Easy: Shorter domain names work for brands if their startup or product is regularly cited by an acronym. On the other hand, some short domain names might not work because they don’t sufficiently encapsulate the business. How do you want your brand remembered?


  • Unique Name: Before you decide to buy a domain name, it is crucial to verify that the name does not violate any trademarks, in addition to making sure that no one else has used the same or similar name. Your domain name should be distinct enough to avoid any confusion in the future and also unique enough to make it easier for customers to find you instead of another company with a similar name.


  • Practical Extension: URLs come with different extensions like .com, .org, and .net. It’s not a great idea to use just any extension only to make your domain name stand out, as that may not necessarily stick in your consumers’ minds. Domain name experts like can help you buy a domain name that best suits your startup and has excellent brand recall.

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