5 Benefits of Owning Premium Domain Names

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5 Benefits of Owning Premium Domain Names

Don’t be fooled by the apparent blandness of premium domain names. Yes, they seem so ordinary and so commonplace, but in the world of organic search rankings, they’re worth their weight in gold! Here’s why businesses across the world pay millions of dollars to obtain a premium domain name:

  1. Instant recognition:

You don’t have to explain about your business to a user with domains like cheapwines.com, usedcars.com, or canadajobs.com. Investing in a good domain name helps you save money ideally spent on branding and shaping user perspective around your business. It also adds credibility.

  1. Good for SEO:

The recent Google update on Exact Match Domains or EMDs prevents poor quality websites from ranking well only because they include words that match search teams. In fact, without quality content, these sites are more likely to be penalized. But the advantages of owning premium domain names go way beyond this. Premium domain names are considered to be more authoritative and trustworthy by webmasters. They’re also easy for link building.

  1. Easy to market:

As earlier said, you don’t have to try hard to influence user perspective with domain names that easy to remember and are related to your business. You are less likely to spend on PPC because organic search rankings are greater for premium domain names.

  1. Easy for type in traffic:

Single or two-word domain names are easy to type and hence receive more type-in traffic.

  1. Good investment:

Buying  premium domain names are very similar to investing in property – its value increases over time. Just as you would consider factors like location and future potential when buying a house, investing in a good premium domain names has its benefits. The premium domain name becomes the foundation of any successful brand. Beach-front real estate that adds long-term equity.

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