If you’re in the business of buying or selling domain names, then you know that the market can be very similar to real estate. Getting your domain appraised is just as important as getting your home appraised. It’s important to evaluate your domain so that it can get sellers the price they want while also being fair to the buyers. An experienced domain name expert will be able to evaluate your domain name and help you decide what your domain is really worth, or what you should pay for a domain you’re considering buying.

When you evaluate your domain and get it appraised by a professional, you’ll have a better understanding of the value of your domain within the current market conditions. At Name Experts, we’ll help you find the correct value of your domain based on current market comps. Whether you’re an investor trying to buy or sell for the right price, a startup entrepreneur looking for the right domain or an established business who has been approached by a seller, we have some tips to help you properly evaluate your domain name. 

Evaluate Your Domain Name With These Easy Tips

As domain experts, we think it’s important to evaluate your domain before you even think of selling or buying your domain. Don’t worry though, we offer domain appraisal services to help clients understand all the ins and outs of the appraisal process. Though ultimately the value of a domain depends on what the buyer is willing to pay for it, there are other factors to consider that will determine the price of your assets.

Key Indicators To Help You Get Started

There are several key indicators that go into the domain evaluation process. When we appraise your domain, we’ll consider the comps – we’ll review names that are similar to yours that have been sold previously. You should also consider your TLD. In the domain name game, .com is king, and everything else isn’t worth as much.

Another key indicator to think about is keywords. You’ll need to understand the keyword value, cost-per-click, and any competition that surrounds the keyword you have or are considering. Along with that, you’ll want to know the number of search results that are conducted each month for the specific domain.

You’ll also definitely want to investigate the history and backlink profile – does this URL have a clean history? The answer could change the value. Consider the brand appeal too, as valuable domains are the ones that are more likely to be remembered. 

There are so many more factors that domain brokers look into when evaluating and appraising domains, including SEO commercial interest, industry targets, marketability, trends, and even the length of the domain. When you choose Name Experts to help you, we’ll walk you through our process and break down the value of your domain or the domain you’re thinking about buying.

Understanding SEO Value

When it comes to deciding what your domain is worth, a key factor to consider is it’s SEO value. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Your domain name’s web ranking and age can help determine its value. Though there are automated tools, they’ll never be 100% accurate. The only way to get a real estimate of your domain’s value is to work with an experienced domain appraisal expert that takes several factors into account when evaluating your domain. They’ll look at which industry would most likely benefit most from the name, how effective advertising would be, and even current trends before offering their report.

When you work with us at Name Experts, you’ll be working with experts who have been evaluating domains for years. It’s our business to make sure that our clients are getting the most out of their investment. Are you a buyer looking for a domain name in the aftermarket? Give us a call today and let us help assess the monetary value of every web address you’re looking at. We know that every web address is different, and that means it’s worth is different too. We’ll make sure we do our due diligence and make sure you’re more than prepared for any negotiations.

Types of Domain Name Valuations

When properly evaluating domains, you should cross-reference all of the criteria and try to dig a little deeper. The more you know, the more you can use that information to add value to your brand. We think it is also important to review the three types of domain buyers and price points – liquid pricing, investor pricing, and retail pricing.

Liquid pricing refers to domain names that are being unloaded by an owner due to bankruptcy or court filing. Typically they are solid in a lot or as a portfolio by private companies or by independent domain brokers. Liquid pricing typically is only 20-30 percent of the total retail price. These opportunities are few and far between.

Investor pricing, on the other hand, are domain names that are offered by domainers looking to turn over inventory. Investor-priced domains could be acquired by auction or directly from the seller. Oftentimes people in the domain market will trade with other investors and become partners with other like minded people. Investor pricing is normally 40-60 percent of retail pricing.

The last one is retail pricing, and these are offered by domainers to end users. Buyers benefit the most from owning domain names because they have a clear use and understanding of the URL. Buyers have effectively researched their domains and usually go through a domain broker to help them navigate the waters.

Download Our Domain Appraisal Checklist Today

Domain appraisals can be used for so many things, including negotiation, business valuations, asset diversification, tax/estate planning, and more. Knowing the value of your domain is a great piece of knowledge to help you avoid leaving money on the table. Just like in real estate, knowing what your domain is really worth will help you get the maximum value for it when it’s time to sell. 

Domain names can be good and solid investments, but only if you understand what goes into the appraisal process. Here we have a free checklist where we outline the criteria used to help effectively determine your domain value. We’ll help you understand what constitutes value and help you become a pro at evaluating a domain name. 

Ready to get started? Contact us for a domain name appraisal and let us remove the guesswork and tell you what your domain’s true value really is.

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