What are your domain names worth?

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What are your domain names worth?

Clients rely on Estibot.com and Valuate.com for a quick domain name appraisal.  Estibot and Valuate are automated algorithm tools that don’t accurately reflect the true value of your domain name. To understand the true value of the domain name, you need to dig into the anatomy of the asset.

In comparison, third-party valuation tools can be useful to find a few comps, including search volume, competition and CPC. Furthermore, this can hurt the true value of the asset(s) in question.

Domain names are only worth what someone will pay for them,

Timing is everything.  Domain name values tend to increase in value based on the popularity of current events and hot trends. Take for example, names targeting Healthcare, Marijuana, Bitcoin/ CryptoCurrency and Technology typically have more long-term upside.

Most notable, they make better global investments.

Global Market

The global market has many opportunities to invest in digital assets. According to internetlivestats.com: here are the top 15 Countries with Internet users


#Country or RegionPopulation,
2016 Est.
Internet Users
30 June 2016
Growth (*)
2000 – 2016
30 June 2016
1China1,378,561,591721,434,54752.3 %3,106.4 %1,800,000
2India1,266,883,598462,124,98936.5 %9,142.5 %157,000,000
3United States323,995,528286,942,36288.6 %200.9 %201,000,000
4Brazil206,050,242139,111,18567.5 %2,682.2 %111,000,000
5Japan126,464,583115,111,59591.0 %144.5 %26,000,000
6Russia146,358,055103,147,69170.5 %3,227.3 %12,000,000
7Nigeria186,879,76097,210,00052.0 %48,505.0 %16,000,000
8Indonesia258,316,05188,000,00034.1 %4,300.0 %88,000,000
9Germany80,722,79271,727,55188.9 %198.9 %31,000,000
10Mexico123,166,74969,000,00056.0 %2,443.9 %69,000,000
11United Kingdom64,430,42860,273,38593.5 %291.4 %39,000,000
12France66,836,15455,860,33083.6 %557.2 %33,000,000
13Philippines102,624,20954,000,00052.6 %2,600.0 %54,000,000
14Bangladesh162,855,65153,941,00033.1 %53,841.0 %21,000,000
15Vietnam95,261,02149,063,76251.5 %24,431.9 %40,000,000

Best Opportunity for growth

China and India present the largest opportunity for investors. There is low Internet penetration and major upside in these countries. Research is crucial in your long-term investment plan.

Simply put, find an investment that could be grown globally, seek out the hot trends and focus on the short, generic brand name.

In conclusion, find a professional domain name expert that will give you a fair-market valuation for your portfolio. Hence, stop relying on the automated pricing tools.

Estibot and Valuate are decent tools. Manual valuations offer a closer look at the anatomy of the asset.

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