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The Best Places to Buy and Sell Domain Names

A domain name is the most critical component of every website. It’s how people will find you online, so it’s essential to have a good one. Once you’ve chosen a good domain name, how do you get it? You have the option of either buying one from a domain registrar or from sellers in a ...

Everything You Need To Know About Top-Level Domain Names

Top-level domain names (TLD for short) is what you call the last part of a domain name. It comes after the final dot. For example, “.com” is the TLD in “”. While .com is the most common TLD, there’s more to top-level domain names than meets the eye. Putting careful thought into choosing your TLD ...

Most Expensive Domain Names: 25 of the Highest Domains Ever Sold

Wondering about the most expensive domain names ever sold? Premium domain names can command a heavy price. In the domain name world, .COM extensions are often the most expensive—the highest .COM sale on record was, which sold for $345 million in 2007. Unfortunately, the buyer went out of business two years after dropping that ...

Domain Name Investing : Invest in Premium Domain Names

We'll here's a question for every company to tackle. Especially small businesses and startups need to consider if it is worth investing a quarter of the funding on a premium domain name rather than. The response to that question is seldom a simple one, as it is dependent upon the kind of business it's ...

5 Quick and Easy Tips For Buying and Selling Domain Names For Profit

Thinking about buying and selling domain names for profit? It can be such an exciting process! You’ve probably heard stories about domains that were purchased 30 years ago for maybe $100 and is now being sold today for millions. Sounds amazing, but is it really as low odds as winning the lottery? Or is ...

Premium Domain Brokers

There are many brokers in the domain name space. Many brokers focus on all of the top level domains while others tend to skew towards one specific TLD or potentially only a few. There are two dominant types of brokers consisting of Reactive Brokerage: These are the sales platforms that exist in the space. Potential clients use inbound sales platforms such as SEDO or Afternic, type in a keyword and buy their domain name. The other type is Proactive Brokerage: Brokers that take the time to build the leads and determine the best fit for a specific domain name.

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5 Benefits of Owning Premium Domain Names

Don’t be fooled by the apparent blandness of premium domain names. Yes, they seem so ordinary and so commonplace, but in the world of organic search rankings, they’re worth their weight in gold! Here’s why businesses across the world pay millions of dollars to obtain a premium domain name:

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The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing a Domain Name

Buying the perfect domain name can be the difference between droves of web traffic and the internet equivalent of an empty room. An upfront investment of time and resources will be essential to the long-term value of your website.

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Stealth Acquisitions Domain Name

As a buy-side broker specializing in Stealth Acquisitions, it’s our job to dig deep and find the rightful owner of a domain name. Problem is, some domain owners make it very difficult to reach them. What’s the psyche behind this rationale? Not all domain name owners are equal and some owners don’t want to be ...

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Domain investors in China should buy Western Premium domains

Most Chinese investors will tell you they tend to shy away from the Western-type domain names as they don’t have meaning in mainland China. Names that contact vowels, and the letter “v”. Are they limiting their long-term growth potential? Some would say it’s a safer investment. We tend to disagree, and here's why...

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Is .com domain name still relevant?

As a super-premium domain broker and domain valuation expert I am continually asked if the .com is still as relevant as it once was…The short answer is absolutely and here’s why…