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How To Sell a Domain Name

There are many instances in which simple domain names bought for hardly anything have been re-sold for thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true, where name assets purchased for hundreds or thousands of dollars become unsellable or worth pennies. Some domain names may seem simple to the eye, but to the right buyer, its value could be entirely different. Selling domain names is an art. You need to showcase the best possible value of your domain name to convince people into buying it. If you own name assets and do not know how to sell a domain name, keep reading.

Make it known that you intend to sell:

  • The first step toward selling your domain name is to make sure people know it’s up for sale. You can do this by redirecting the domain to an announcement page. Make sure you provide precise information about whom to contact and how, i.e., via email, phone, chat, etc.

Evaluate the domain name:

  • The problem with selling domain names is a majority of them are worthless. It’s hard to know their true value. A professional domain appraiser can help you find the real worth of a domain name by weighing it against a range of factors.

Pick a domain broker:

  • You can sell your domain name directly, but that is rarely advised. There are too many instances were sellers have been duped into thinking their domain is worthless when in fact it is not. Domain brokering services like Name Experts can help you pick the right buyer or seller and negotiate a better price.

Negotiating with the buyer:

  • Part of the trick of selling domain names lies in convincing buyers of the value of your domain name and then selling it at the highest possible price. Professional sellers spend time researching the domain name.

Set realistic price expectations:

  • These days it is rare for websites to sell for millions of dollars. The average price for a premium domain name usually ranges from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. Being realistic will help you proceed confidently.

Use these tips or call us if you want to buy or sell a domain name but aren’t exactly sure how to do it.