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Are you searching for a specific domain name that appears to be owned by another entity?  Maybe the asset is not currently in use or has a stagnate web page that hasn’t been updated in years.  Buying domain names is a technique that is developed and not for everyone. Hiring a domain broker can greatly improve the chances of landing that perfect brand. Afterall, you only have one chance to nail it in today’s fast-paced economy.  Most clients make the mistake of contacting an owner without consulting a broker, or expert in domain names.

Domain names are like fingerprints for online businesses. They are unique, and they identify your brand and business on the internet. In fact, it makes sense to buy a domain name even before you start a business.  The problem with buying domain names is that so many good ones are already taken. And they certainly don’t sell for cheap. You can either run around in circles wondering how to buy a domain name or get an expert to do the job for you. 

Name Experts has been in the domain brokering business for more than a decade. Over the years, we’ve helped high-profile individuals and companies buy a domain name that’s not only fitting of their business but also helps with organic search ranking. We’ve partnered with startup entrepreneurs looking for unique and brandable domain names – ones that aren’t taken or names that can be purchased easily.  We work with very large Fortune 500 Companies to acquire domain name inventory on their behalf.

Our services are perfect for professionals who do not know how to buy a domain name or simply do not have the time and patience for it. We offer a full-service approach towards Buy-Side- Brokerage and Stealth Acquisitions

Some of the offerings include:

  • Domain Valuation: Domain names can sell for thousands of dollars, but in actuality they can be worth nothing! How do you determine if the name is worth paying for? Hire our domain name experts to know the actual worth of web addresses.
  • Locate Owners: Locating domain owners can be cumbersome. Contact details are sometimes obscured and outdated. It takes experience and ingenuity to find the information that leads to the owner of the domain name.
  • Negotiate: Buying domain names isn’t always as simple as reaching out to the owner and making an offer. It takes patience and skillful negotiation to convince the seller to sell at a fair price. Sometimes you have to give a little, to get a little…
  • Domain Name Escrow: After negotiation, we move to escrow. There are many companies that offer Escrow Services. We have partnered with to handle all aspects of the escrow process on your behalf.
  • Domain Transfers: We work directly with you for the domain name transfer and coordinate transfers on your behalf, to your preferred registrar.
  • Brand Protection: A defensive strategy acumen for your business is critical to today’s success. Make sure to protect your brand with alternative domain names and tlds.
While buyers may wish to contact the domain owner directly, this is not recommended. Things can go awfully wrong if you’ve infringed on someone’s trademark.  Also, buying a domain name can be nerve-wracking. Emotions can run high for such an important transaction. And we all know business and emotions don’t mix well. Hiring us can help you keep a steady hand on the process so that you don’t end up shortchanged.
Name Experts can manage the complete buying a domain name process on your behalf while promising complete client anonymity and confidentiality. We only use – one of the most reliable escrow services available for domain transfers. Clients trust us with their money, giving us the confidence to carry out domain transactions worth millions of dollars.


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