FY.com is a rare and valuable two letter .com domain name that has never been on the active market before. FY.com is one of 676 two-letter combinations, and offers tremendous development and branding opportunities.  There are more than 27,000 exact match searches per month on Google, and more than 247,000 global searches per month.

Additionally, beachfront real estate such as, FY.com–present an instantaneous asset, that is primed for growth, authority and long-term equity for your Company.

FY.com can greatly impact your business’ upside and performance.  Some uses for FY.com could include Business, Technology, E-Commerce, Coins and mining, or many other broad uses. FY dot com is unique, memorable and catchy–and offers the foundation to build something sustainable, and forward-thinking.

According to Google, the term “FY” has more than 500m results for the query and has search domination across all Country code tlds. NameBio.com reported 95 two-letter.com sales. Some of the notable sales include, FB.com–Facebook for $8,500,000.00, and WE.com for $8M in 2015. Let’s also not forget Instagram, scooping up IG.com for $4.7m.  MI.com was sold the Chinese Electronics manufacturer–Xiaomi for a cool $3.6m.

Furthermore, as reported by DOFO.com, 336 two-letter .com have active websites, while another 126 don’t have active websites, but redirect to another active website. All told, two-letter .com domain names are extremely valuable, with the lowest available name trading ~$975,000.00 usd.

Two-letter .com domain names tend to increase in value and ultimately, add considerable upside to your global branding initiatives.

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