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Premium Domains : Sales Tactics

The Best Places to Buy and Sell Domain Names

A domain name is the most critical component of every website. It’s how people will find you online, so it’s essential to have a good one. Once you’ve chosen a good domain name, how do you get it? You have the option of either buying one from a domain registrar or from sellers in a ...

Best Places To Find a Premium Domain for Sale

Premium domains are the best type of domains because they are memorable and tend to draw a lot of organic traffic. To the uninitiated, premium domains are short, catchy, and memorable domain names that have a high potential to become popular web addresses. They also present great branding opportunities for websites. The best places ...

What is a Premium Domain Name & Why You Should Buy One

Domain names are the ultimate authority on the web. They can make or break any business with an online presence. It’s necessary to pick a suitable domain name if you want customers to discover your website with little stress. Most individuals and businesses understand this rule, and that’s why there’s drastic demand for the ...

Premium Domain Brokers

There are many brokers in the domain name space. Many brokers focus on all of the top level domains while others tend to skew towards one specific TLD or potentially only a few. There are two dominant types of brokers consisting of Reactive Brokerage: These are the sales platforms that exist in the space. Potential clients use inbound sales platforms such as SEDO or Afternic, type in a keyword and buy their domain name. The other type is Proactive Brokerage: Brokers that take the time to build the leads and determine the best fit for a specific domain name.

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Domain name appraisals

That’s what makes timing so important. When you conduct a domain appraisal, it’s like trying to hit a moving target. So if you’re hoping to put a number on the price of a domain, be sure that you have an expert consultant to put together an appraisal.