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Premium Domains : Brand Development

How to Choose a Domain Name

One of the most important decisions you’ll make about your business is the domain name you choose to acquire. The name you give your business is crucial. It can either be of tremendous help with branding, or it can be a liability. You may find that you need to invest in the domain you want. ...

Biggest Trends That Will Help You Buy Premium Domain Names In 2020

Buying the right domain is crucial for a successful business, which is why our professional team at Name Experts has the tips you need to get exactly what you need. Purchasing premium domain names is a great idea for any emerging business that wants to scale their brand. Top companies around the world are teaming ...

How to value your domain name

There are a few steps the average consumer can take to effectively assign value or better understand the assigned value for a domain name. The domain name’s value is sometimes a vital component and requires an understanding of what makes it valuable and what to look for in a name. For many years, domain names ...

Startup Domain Names : Buying the Right Domain Name

Having the right domain name for your startup sounds like common sense. However, it can be a challenging endeavor. Your organization name might not translate into a good domain name. Regardless of the challenges, it is absolutely essential that you have a fantastic domain name so that customers can find you, as well as help ...

How to Buy a .COM Domain – 10 Tips Before You Purchase

Among the most crucial decisions in establishing an internet presence is picking a domain name. Ignore the trends and fads of the day and pick a name that makes sense for your company or subject matter today and will still make sense a decade from now. Here are 10 suggestions that will assist you to ...

Why buy a .org domain?

Why buy a .org domain? Why not? In case you've been contemplating registering a domain, then a .org domain name is an exceptional option. .org domains construct immediate confidence and credibility with your website visitors as they realize that you aren't only interested in earning money but are dedicated to making this planet a better ...

What is a Premium Domain Name?

If the snappy name isn’t a giveaway, the price will be. The value of these premium domain names could range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hot Tip: If your ideal domain name is a premium, and you do not have the funds to purchase it, consider registering it with ...

A Premium Domain Name Make All the Difference

The Internet evolves and is shaped by countless businesses, people, non-profits and an array of countless other entities looking for eyeballs in an ever-changing World. A Premium Domain Name Make All the Difference Your Premium domain name strategy is crucial in today’s clutter. Brand’s work hard to engrain their product or service, and establish market ...

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5 Benefits of Owning Premium Domain Names

Don’t be fooled by the apparent blandness of premium domain names. Yes, they seem so ordinary and so commonplace, but in the world of organic search rankings, they’re worth their weight in gold! Here’s why businesses across the world pay millions of dollars to obtain a premium domain name:

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How to Buy a Domain Name : The Ultimate Guide

Buying the perfect domain name can be the difference between droves of web traffic and the internet equivalent of an empty room. An upfront investment of time and resources will be essential to the long-term value of your website.

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Domain name appraisals

That’s what makes timing so important. When you conduct a domain appraisal, it’s like trying to hit a moving target. So if you’re hoping to put a number on the price of a domain, be sure that you have an expert consultant to put together an appraisal.

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Stealth Acquisitions Domain Name

As a buy-side broker specializing in Stealth Acquisitions, it’s our job to dig deep and find the rightful owner of a domain name. Problem is, some domain owners make it very difficult to reach them. What’s the psyche behind this rationale? Not all domain name owners are equal and some owners don’t want to be ...

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Domain investors in China should buy Western Premium domains

Most Chinese investors will tell you they tend to shy away from the Western-type domain names as they don’t have meaning in mainland China. Names that contact vowels, and the letter “v”. Are they limiting their long-term growth potential? Some would say it’s a safer investment. We tend to disagree, and here's why...

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Is .com domain name still relevant?

As a super-premium domain broker and domain valuation expert I am continually asked if the .com is still as relevant as it once was…The short answer is absolutely and here’s why…

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