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FRIFire-Rescue International
FRIForest Research Institute (India)
FRIFisheries Research Institute (Albania, aka: IKPD)
FRIForrester Research, Inc.
FRIFamily Research Institute
FRIFederation Romande Immobiliere (French)
FRIFellow of the Real Estate Institute (Real Estate Institute of Canada accreditation)
FRIFinal Random Inspection (China)
FRIFamily Resource Institute
FRIForest Resources Institute
FRIFlorida Rock Industries, Inc.
FRIFriends Research Institute, Inc
FRIFinancial Research Institute
FRIFamily Reunion Institute
FRIFrigate Tuna (FAO fish species code)
FRIForeningen Redd Individet (Norwegian)
FRIFellow of the Royal Institution (of Great Britain; London, England)
FRIFreie Regionalkultur Innbrücke
FRIFédération Routière Internationale (French: International Road Federation)
FRIFamily Restaurants Inc.
FRIFuture Rent Increases
FRIFocused Research Initiative
FRIFidelity Research Institute
FriModern Frisian (linguistics)
FRIFiduciaire, Revision et Informatique SA (French)
FRIFakulteta za racunalništvo in informatiko (faculty of computer science; Ljubljana, Slovenija)
FRIField Rework Index
FRIForestry Resources Inc (Fort Myers, Florida)
FRIFundamental Review of Infrastructure
FRIFull Insuring and Repairing (Lease)
FRIFast Rate Input
FRIField Repeatability Indicator
FRIFunctional Requirements Identification
FRIFloristic Richness Index
FRIFinal Reference Indicator
FRIFleet Routing Indicator
FRIFood Research Institute
FRIFrequently Requested Information

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