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Domain Brokers : We’ll Help You Buy a Premium Domain Name

If you are looking for a premium domain name for your business, we can help you through the entire process. Domain broker Joe Uddeme has brokered over $80M in domain names for his clients. Contact us to see how we can secure a premium domain name for you at a competitive price.

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Joe Uddeme

Joe Uddeme

Domain Name Expert

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Startup Entrepreneur

You can be a startup entrepreneur looking for domain names for your new venture, or an established business who has been approached by a seller offering a domain name that’s related to your brand…

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How To Price Your Domain

Domain names are valuable and hold certain characteristics of good, solid investments. To help understand the true inherent value of your domain name, we outline the criteria used to effectively determine the FMV.

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Beachfront real estate such as, an instantaneous asset, that is primed for growth, authority and long-term equity for your Company.


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An iconic all encompassing, domain name. can be yours. With more than 553k global ...

Abortion Pill

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Our Domain Broker Services

Are you looking for a great domain name for your business? Would you benefit from professional help in negotiating and buying an aftermarket domain name? Do you already own a domain name but are unsure of its value? At Name Experts, we help corporations and individuals around the world buy and sell .com assets. We also help startup entrepreneurs and venture capitalists choose the best domain name for their business.

Buying a domain name isn’t always easy. It can be a real pain to zero in on the perfect one only to find that it’s already taken. We identify the owner of your preferred asset and make contact, while protecting your anonymity through the entire acquisition process. 

Additional services include Buy-Side Stealth Domain Acquisitions, Sell-side domain name representation with outbound marketing efforts for select inventory. Professional domain name valuation and appraisal services.

Frequently Ask Questions

Why hire a domain name broker?

A Domain Name Broker has the ability to remove emotion and guesswork out of any domain name transaction. They should have an uncanny ability to reach the rightful owner of an asset and identify if the domain name is a question that might be available. They also can handle all aspects of the transaction on your behalf and coordinate all contracts, escrow, and transfer of rightful assets. Take the guesswork and hire a professional. Most of the time their fee will be included in the overall cost of the domain name.

How to buy a domain name?

When buying a domain name, look for a few key indicators to help you select the perfect domain name. Short, memorable and easy to brand. Find a domain name that helps you tell the story and can separate your brand from any competitors. Conduct a trademark search to save yourself from headaches in the future. Set yourself a budget, and establish what the domain name is worth to you, or your business. Don’t leave money on the table and do your proper due diligence to make sure you are getting a fair deal.

How can I value a domain name?

Domain name valuation is key in determining what to sell your domain name for. The value should always be based on other market comps; similar to that of traditional real estate. Top value domains start with the .com tld and pricing gradually decreases, depending on the top-level domain in question. Names also add value when generic in nature or brandable as an asset class. Website history and link juice can also be factors in determining a domain names fair market value.

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Joe Uddeme

Meet Joe

With a complete focus on the client, Joe differentiates himself by providing honesty and integrity with an Entrepreneur’s edge. Joe’s focus is to provide exceptional hands-on service throughout the entire acquisition or divestment process. Our promise is to always work add a level of professionalism to help you understand all aspects of the sales-cycle process.

Joe Uddeme

Domain Name Broker

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Joe Uddeme is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully sold and brokered over $80,000,000 in domain names and websites. was created to provide expert domain name service, valuation, and negotiation skills to our clients–while protecting the clients anonymity.

“Buying a domain is a stressful process. I’ve worked with several other domains brokers in the past and Joe is the only domain broker I felt 100% confident with throughout the whole process. Apart from being a true professional Joe is also highly reliable, straightforward and has a no-bullshit approach. If you wish to get things done while sleeping well at night – Joe is your best option.”

Eran Zinman

— Co-Founder & CTO

Joe Uddeme

Joe Uddeme

Domain Name Expert

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