The importance of a name is clear when it comes to branding and business. But most domain name buyers and sellers, including some investors, don’t do the strategic planning needed to maximize a domain name investment. Whether you’re an investor or an end user, you must consider a wide variety of factors before buying or selling a domain name.

That’s where the Name Experts’ simple process comes in handy…

Ideation: Given a preliminary understanding of the competitive landscape and your needs, we’ll explore potential options. The key to this stage is to maintain an open mind… more rigorous analysis will be done later. We want to ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to your domain name acquisition or sale.

Needs Analysis: This step involves understanding your immediate and long-term needs. It’s through our understanding of your long-term needs that we add the most value. Thanks to our extensive background in domain name branding and investment strategy, we can help you think through every possible scenario.

Opportunity Identification: At this stage in the process, we’ll further pressure test those ideas we’ve already come up with. We’ll also do research to identify new potential investment options. By the time this step is finished, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of all your choices. That means you’ll be able to weigh and directly compare various opportunities.

Segmentation: Whether you’re buying or selling a domain name, we’ll segment your options based on investment objectives. For example, some of our clients need short-term and long-term strategies. We can identify investment alternatives and segment them based on your goals.

Competitive Breakdown: To wrap up the strategic planning process, we’ll do a competitive analysis that breaks down the existing competition to show where you fit in. By the time all these steps are done, you’ll have a crystal clear understanding of what’s on the table.

And, of course, we’ll help guide you to the best decision based on your needs and opportunities.