If you’re hoping to sell a domain name—and maximize the sales price—it takes more than just a simple for sale ad. It takes a targeted approach to find the best buyer and strong market knowledge to negotiate the highest price. Understanding this, the Name Experts provide the following to ensure you achieve the best possible return on your investment.

Prospect Identification: A critical first step in any domain name sale, we do the digging within our own network and beyond to find the best potential buyer for your domain name. Even if we don’t identify a specific buyer, we’ll create specific parameters that tell you (and us) who the best potential buyer is. It might be an end user or a short-term investor… we’ll only know once the research is done.

Domain Marketing: For us, prospect identification and domain name marketing go hand in hand. Based on the identified prospect—whether it’s an end user or an investor—we’ll put together a strategic marketing plan that gives us the best chance of reaching that ideal buyer. That way, you’re selling to the people who value your domain, giving you extra leverage when it comes time to negotiate the purchase price. We focus on targeted marketing strategies to avoid wasting time and resources.

Negotiations: Nothing makes us cringe more than a domain name seller leaving money on the table because they didn’t have our help in negotiations. Once we’ve gotten the right buyer to the negotiating table, you can be sure we’ll do the heavy lifting to get the best possible price for your domain name sale.

Escrow and Legal Guidance: With a favorable price locked up at the negotiation table, it’s just a matter of setting up escrow and transferring the domain name. An experienced domain name broker makes sure that this process is completely seamless. Moreover, with our legal guidance, you can rest assured that there will be no additional legal issues after the transaction is done.