Globally, there are more than 1700 domain name extensions that fall to the right of the dot. Companies increasingly are swallowing up all types of domain names for a variety of reasons. Some might be looking for a local-play or maybe it’s a defensive strategy to protect their brand. Your company might build their brand around the .com, and use that as the core-piece for their branding strategy.

Clients continually ask why the .COM is so much more expensive than one of the inferior domain extensions such as .NET, or .BIZ. Why does the .com typically 10x the .NET or more? How are clients utilizing the .IO, or .CO as an alternative to .COM? .COM domain names are the driving force for most global growth. There are countless stories of companies that went out, and acquired their global .COM and have seen immense growth in their long-term equity and strategy for their brands.

.COM domain names are used by all types of companies. Some companies learn early on about the importance of .COM, while other companies take time to understand the long-term inherent value in the domain name. Ultimately, an expert in .COM domain names can help you with your acquisition needs. You should always use a .COM expert that has a proven track record securing super-premium .COM domain names.

Most proven industry experts understand the market value of the .COM and can help you understand why it holds the value it does. No buyers remorse here, ask the right questions and work only with an established .COM Expert.

Why .COM?

Over the past thirty years, the Internet continues to add users, and those users; are spending more and more time online than ever before. Digital Internet real estate is becoming extremely competitive with users fighting for the beach front positioning. Google, Yahoo and Bing focus on delivering search results that give the user the best online experience. Users see more credibility with .com websites, they also tend to add more authority to your brand.

The .COM is branded in our culture. Time and time again, the advertisers on TV market the .COM to the user. They are focused on Brand, and educating consumers to take action with their brand. Over the past twenty years, brands have engrained in us the relevance and importance of the .COM domain name.

Advertising Clutter

Companies and brands constantly try to separate their brand from competition and others’. They try to stick out so users remember the brand. This is easier with .COM versus other TLD’s. Consumers are programmed, after years of navigating to the .COM. Its similar to the Pavlov’s dog phenomenon. The more we are programmed, they better chance we have to remember the brands message—and effectively how to “take action” when necessary with the goods or services provided from that brand.

.COM Dominates the Global Business Landscape

Marketers and savvy advertising professionals are always trying to gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving growth of Ecommerce and web-based business. Businesses continue to find avenues to attract users and grow their brand. Dominating web searches with a .COM can add exceptional brand positioning and top-of-mind-awareness for the user.

Globally, .COM is used by companies around the World. .COM is associated with global commerce and can appeal on a mass market. Some of the lower-quality TLD’s can be used for a smaller, or geo-based business that cannot spend the money to acquire their global .COM

Get it right the first time

You need to understand that spending a little more money now, could save you thousands, or potentially even hundreds-of-thousands of dollars. Can’t afford to buy your brand today? Try creative financing or providing equity back to rightful domain owner. Take the extra steps necessary upfront so you can protect your brand down the road. Sometimes, you hear the horror story of the client that wanted to save $5k on their domain name acquisition, and today, that name would cost them an extra 100k to acquire. The company grows at a solid clip, and now you want to secure your global .com. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. Conduct diligence, ask for references and also find out what other names that .COM expert acquired on behalf of other clients?

Consumers are more apt to buy from brands they recognize. This becomes an important component when building your global brand. Find a .COM Expert that understands the value of domain names. Someone that is well-versed in the market and whether there is a strong demand for that asset. Take the time to develop a strategy and relationship with a proven domain name industry professional. A domain expert will help you in multiple ways and can most often, save you money in the long run.

.COM Still Matters

In 2015, when the GTLD’s were introduced into the marketplace, domainers and end-users alike jumped on the craze. They swallowed up assets they perceived to be valuable to their brand, or potentially had salability appeal to a domain name speculator. Nevertheless, as the dust settled, we continue to see users not renew these names. Drops are continuing at an alarming rate; and as a result, the value of the .COM has increased.

Brands swallowed up some of the best premium domain names that were still available on the aftermarket in 2018. 2019 is off to a solid start, with brands understanding the growing importance of owning digital beach front real estate. A .COM expert has established relationships and valuation metrics they use to effectively evaluate the domain name in question. They should also be able to find you viable alternatives that might be priced more affordable, especially if your first or second choice are not available. There are many valuable resources to find a reputable and reliable domain name expert. Alternatively, we would be happy to speak further with you about any of your .COM domain name needs. We are a .COM expert with more than eleven years of industry experience and a proven track record of success for our clients.