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Namescon- The Domain event and why you should attend

Namescon is The Domain Name Industry event where tons of collaboration and business occur, driving the domain industry forward and offering long-term sustainability. There are many informative sessions consisting of domain policy, trends, tips and all aspects of web development and monetization.

Domain investors use is a newer resource created for new domain investors. Its a course in recognizing the value of a domain name and choosing the right inventory as an investment. "DNAcademy is an online, accelerated learning course that creates confident, competent domain name investors. It was developed by Michael Cyger after conducting hundreds of interviews on with the leading thought leaders in the industry.

Why you should join the ICA

The Internet Commerce Association was started in 2006 by organizations and companies that wanted to establish a voice and help shape policy for domain owners and organizations alike. Led by Phil Corwin, a well-seasoned veteran with federal legislative experience, the ICA focuses on core initiatives that are pertinent to domain name owners.

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