It’s a sellers market for domain names, and here’s why

Just a few years ago the domain name market had many buyers both on the investor side, as well as the end user side of the business. Clients would speculate on the next big thing, or dream big about an idea they had for a product or service. They’d acquire a domain name with the intention of holding for a period of time-where then name in most instances would appreciate in value.

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What are your domain names worth?

Estibot and Valuate provide a snapshot for the domain owner. They are useful to find a few comps, including search volume, competition and CPC but they also lack a few core components to effectively extract the true market value.

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Domain Names can make for solid investments

Ever thought about diversifying your portfolio? Some clients prefer real estate, or the stock market as sound long term investments. Others’ prefer the typical CD or mutual fund low-risk investments as a way to diversify

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What makes a Great domain investment?

There are however, names that are available on the aftermarket that are strong, solid domain names that usually provide additional upside as an investment vehicle. Let’s explore some of the types of names that can provide solid long-term growth and ROI according to

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Does SEO still matter for your digital presence?

SEO is an important component to any digital marketing strategy as its simply another way to drive additional traffic to your web presence. SEO also adds credibility to your brand. With a combination of relevant and original content as well as a solid link building strategy, you could really add significant upside to your core conversion metrics.

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.com vs GTLD

To put it more into layman terms, GTLD'S are all of the newer 1500 extensions that are being slowly added to the marketplace. Some of the new GTLD'S include .wang, .top, .club, .law, .legal, .xyz etc etc. As GTLD'S continue to be released, the value of the .com continues to fluctuate and change based on a clients specific needs. There are many domain investors that have changed course and see sizable opportunities as they relate to domain investing and especially, the GTLD'S.

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