If you’re here reading this, then you already know that domains name are really important. The perfect website address is potentially the gateway to your online success. There are endless TLD possibilities, but there will always certain top-level domains that are considered premium, and better than the rest. Have you found the perfect domain and have discovered that it’s already registered to someone else? Not sure how to purchase it? The experts at Name Experts can help! 

We know all the ins and outs of the domain purchase market and can help you purchase that domain you want or help you pick a better alternative. As experienced brokers, we constantly work with domain investors and are always helping them buy the right domain and then helping them sell their assets for a better price. Read on for an overview of how our domain purchase process works. 

How The Domain Purchase Process Works At Name Experts

At Name Experts, our job is to help corporations and individuals around the country and around the world buy and sell their domain assets. We also like to help venture capitalists and startup entrepreneurs do the research and choose the best domain name for their business.

We know that buying a domain isn’t always easy, so we’ve laid out how the domain purchase process works when you work with us.

The Domain Acquisition Process

There are six steps to the domain acquisition process – the pre-consulting phase, the initial consulting phase, the research phase, contacting the seller, negotiating, and transferring.

The Pre-Consulting Phase

The domain purchase process begins with the pre-consulting process. A domain name is one of the first things that your audience notices, which makes it an important part of a company’s brand image. We’ll help you pick the right domain name for your brand. Whether you’re buying one directly from the web hosting provider or through a separate domain service, we’ll help you decide the best avenue.

What about when the domain name you want is already registered? What if the seller doesn’t seem to want to sell? Contact us to learn how to purchase a domain name from someone else.

The Initial Consulting Phase

The next step of the process is the consultation phase. This phase includes our domain experts helping you pick up names that are related to your industry and will serve you in the best way possible. 

We’ll brainstorm with you and make sure you’re choosing the right keyword variation, the right spelling, a name that is easy to type and easy to remember. Your domain name must be search engine-friendly.

The Research Phase

The consulting phase leads right into the research phase. This involves verifying the domain name’s past reputation and also involves finding out who currently owns the domain. We will make sure it isn’t trademarked or too similar to an existing site. This part of the process also requires that we evaluate the domain to learn how much it’s really worth.

Contacting The Seller

The right domain broker will contact the seller on your behalf and make sure your identity remains anonymous. Having a representative be a middle man makes you seem more professional and serious about acquiring the asset. 


A crucial part of the process, and possibly the most critical aspect of the deal is the negotiation phase. Our job involves negotiating for a fair price and making sure that the domain owner agrees to accept your offer. When they do agree to the deal, we’ll make sure that the contracts get done quickly so that there’s little to no chance of the seller backing out.


At Name Experts, our role doesn’t end with just the negotiation. We’ll make sure that everything gets transferred correctly. This includes opening an escrow to transfer the funds and make sure that everything laid out in the negotiation phase is honored. All of this is done before the domain is registered, and escrow is closed only when clients give us the go-ahead.

The Domain Divestment (Selling) Process

There is also a process for when it comes to selling domains. It includes domain valuation, looking for potential buyers, negotiating, and transferring.

The Valuation Process

No matter who’s selling, every domain sale begins with evaluating the domain price. Though some domain names are worth thousands of dollars, but usually domain names aren’t that high. When you work with us, we’ll accurately evaluate your domains and help you set a realistic price.

Look For Potential Buyers

The next step after we set a realistic value on your domain is to research potential buyers and brainstorming ideas to market your site. We’ll create a list of targets and even do all of the contacting for you.


Just like we do with our domain purchase process, we’ll negotiate with any potential buyer and convince him to purchase your domain name at a reasonable price. It’s our goal to make sure we never leave any money on the table. 


Once the prospective buyers agree to the price, we’ll make sure all funds get transferred correctly as well. At Name Experts, we’ll make sure that the buyer keeps their side of the promise. 

Contact Name Experts

We are a little biased, but working with a domain broker is an excellent idea when you’re searching for the perfect domain name. Hiring a domain broker removes the emotion and the guesswork out of buying and selling domain names. The right broker will know how to reach the right owner and tell you the value of your desired domain before you even make an offer. At Name Experts, we’ll help you handle all aspects of the transaction on your behalf. We’ll even coordinate the contracts, escrow, and transfer of all assets. When it comes to one of the most parts of your business – your domain – don’t leave it to chance. Hire a professional who knows what they are doing and get you the best deal. Contact us today and let us help you find the right domain for you.

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