Just like when choosing a company name, choosing the right domain name is an important step. In the age of the internet, your domain name becomes your identity on the web. You want it to reflect your brand and fit your business, but you also need it to be easy to find and promote. To answer the question, “What should my domain name be?” we’ll give you some tips that will help you make the decision.

Read on for our advice on choosing the perfect domain name, regardless of the industry.

8 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

Maybe we’re biased, or maybe it’s in the name, but we are experts when it comes to choosing the right domain name. At Name Experts, we can provide expert domain name evaluation and make sure you are getting the right name for the right value. When you’re starting to think about what your domain name should be, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are just a few tips for picking a domain name that works.

Keep It Short

You don’t want your domain name to be too long or complex, otherwise your client base and customers might misspell it. Keep it short and keep it simple.

Make It Easy To Remember

Along with keeping it short, finding an easy domain name might be the difference between your business taking off or not. If your name is not easy to remember, you might not find much online success. Try to avoid using slang or words with multiple spellings.

Your goal should be to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find your site.

Target The Right Area

If your business is local, you might consider including your city or state in your domain. That way, customers in your area can find your name and remember it easier. Often times, when doing keyword research for your business, you’ll find that city and state will most likely be included. Consider using keywords as your domain name. For example, OhioKitchenRepairs.com.

Think Outside The Box

Because there are a million of registered domain names in the world, you’ll want to choose something catchy. Once you’ve come up with a memorable name, make sure it makes sense for your business. Ask your friends and family if it sounds relevant to your brand.

Having trouble securing the perfect domain name because each one you try is taken? Let us help! Finding the perfect name, or buying the one you want, is how we got our name.

Avoid Hyphens, Numbers, and Other Special Characters

Your customers will often misunderstand numbers or misplace hyphens. People who hear your web address might not know whether you’re using a numeral or if it’s spelled out. If you absolutely need to include these in your domain name, make sure you register the different variations to be safe.

Do Your Research

Before you decide on your final domain name, make sure it isn’t copyrighted, trademarked, or being used by someone else. It could result in a legal nightmare that can turn expensive very quickly.

It might also be worth it to research the possible value of the domain name you want. Our team at Name Experts can help you with all of that so you know that you are getting the best possible domain name that will only add to your business success.

Use The Right Domain Extension

Extensions, like .com or .net, are suffixes at the end of web addresses. Some of them have very specific uses, so make sure to choose one that is right for your business. The domain extension .com is the most popular, but it can be hard to find a name that is memorable.

There’s a whole new wave of generic top-level domains, like .photography, .app, and .guru, and they all offer a great alternatives opportunity to register short and relevant names. Here are a list of some top extensions and how often they’re often used:

  • .info: informational sites
  • .net: internet infrastructure sites, more technical
  • .co: abbreviation for company, commerce, and community
  • .org: non-commercial organizations and nonprofits
  • .biz: e-commerce sites, business or commercial use

You definitely don’t need to build a website for every domain type. Make sure you forward any additional domain names you register to your primary site.

Protect and Build Your Brand

Consider purchasing various variations of your domain extensions, as well as misspelled versions of your domain name. This can protect your brand by preventing your competitors from registering similar names to your brand and also makes sure that your customers find your site – even if they type it wrong.

Now You Know – Act Fast

Now that you have some tips for answering the question, “What should my domain name be?” you can start the process. Brainstorm, do some research, and see what domains are available.

At Name Experts, we know that can be a real hassle. The entire process of buying – or selling – your domain can turn into a headache really quickly. Let us handle it for you! We are in the business of getting you exactly what you need, so that you can spend more time focusing on growing your business.

Contact us today and let us help you with the entire process. We’ll target your audience and do the research you need to make sure you are getting exactly the domain name that will best suit you, your business, and your growing brand.

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