Does Your Domain Name Add Equity To Your Brand?

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Domain Name Equity:

As a domain name acquisition expert focused on stealth acquisitions, it is important to understand the long-term inherent value of your domain name asset. Digital domain names  add instant equity to your brand. Let’s take a look at a few important characteristics of what constitutes a solid investment:

  • The domain should contain .com to add global awareness.
  • Short and meaningful. The name should be precise
  • One to three syllables and no more
  • Brandable and Generic increase value

In addition, equity can be established routinely when you use a simple, short brand such as, or In the domain world, these types of assets are “beach front real estate”. You own that piece of real estate and instantly reap the appeal of equity-value to your digital real estate.

Sometimes, domain owners get stuck with an inferior TLD or extension. In most instances, they are unable to increase the market-value solely with the domain name. You must spend more effort to create a successful brand. This limits your resources in other aspects of your brand.

For domain name acquisitions, we advise our clients that, their short-brandable asset will increase in value over the long-term. Similar to other traditional forms of real estate and investments.

Additionally, take the time to find a name that sets that foundation for your brand. Choose something memorable, or clever that creates that top-of-mind-recognition. Intangible, digital real estate is a growing trend.

Your domain name investment—whether for your brand or not—should always add some form of equity to your bottom line. Domain names, while not tangible—still hold exceptional upside and value.

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