Choose the right domain name for your brand

For any blog to be popular and visible on search engines, it must have a good domain name that can build its brand value and reader base over a period of time. A lot depends on what the blog is about, as then you can give it a name that signifies the niche or topics and issues that are going to be written about in it. Even if the blog is likely to be a diary of personal experiences and you have no intention of monetizing it immediately, choosing a logical domain name makes sense if you want it to be a recognized brand in the distant future.

Brand value

Changing the domain name of a blog after it has gained followers, social media attention, and backlinks could be detrimental for its reputation. Brands are built around names, and blogs with bad domain names tend to lose viewership and ranking even if their content is strong. Even if you start as a free blog, try to purchase a domain name that best defines its content with the help of a domain broker.

Building SEO

Today every individual that is planning to set up a website knows the importance of SEO and understands that keyword stuffing will not impress search engines. But few know that domain names also play a strong role in search engine rankings. Those who do are willing to pay for premium domain names. As Eric Schmidt of Google says, “Brands are how you sort out of the cesspool.”  Having a domain name with keywords that are relevant to your business or brand also gives people a better understanding about what the blog is about.

Instant trust and reliability

How many times have you avoided visiting websites just because they have non-standard domain names or extensions like .net/.in/.uk/.ca? Premium domain names that have a standard .com extension may be expensive, but they instill a sense of confidence, authority, and reliability in the mind. When you try to expand viewership of your blog in the future through email lists and display advertisements, then a logical domain name will be your best bet.

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