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.Do’s and Don’ts of Acquiring a Domain Name

Acquiring a good domain name for a company can be a daunting task, especially for people with no prior experience. It can be overwhelming to go through the requirements to buy a domain name. Many people end up making mistakes that can become detrimental to their business.

Domain name experts

have come up with a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to acquiring your company’s domain name.


  • Include Location or Keyword: Choose a domain name for your business that fits your required niche or brand. Business names  that are somewhat generic or already appear to be owned,  can add location and keywords to the domain to help the website’s performance during a search.
  • Register as Owner:  Companies sometimes, buy a domain name, and forget to update the registration to their name. Similar to real estate, it’s essential to remain accessible with up to date contact information.
  • Renew Domain Name Registration:  Double-check to make sure your name has automatic renewals enabled so you don’t lose the risk of dropping the domain name.


  • Use Random Characters: Simpler the domain name, the better. Don’t use hyphens, numbers and abbreviations in your domain, It will make it confusing for customers to remember the name or spell your website address.
  • Buy Domains without Diligence: Domains can be exposed to legal trouble if the name is too similar to another company’s trademark. Run a search and conduct your diligence.
  • Use Slang Terms: Avoid slang so that your business name is better understood and remembered by non-native speakers as well in addition local audience.

If you plan on optimizing your site for search engines, you need a domain name that people can remember and enter easily. Get in touch with to take care your all your domain needs.


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