3 Tips To Remember When Buying A Domain Name

Buying a domain name is as essential as choosing a business name for startups. A good domain name not only adds credibility but also offers instant recognition. No wonder, businesses across the world are consulting domain name experts during the initial ideation so that they don’t have to worry at a later stage. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of businesses buy strategic domain names – ones that are relevant and with a positive impact on click-through rates. Whether you are shopping for aftermarket domain names or planning on choosing one for your new business, here are three tips to remember:

•When buying a domain name from someone else, do not contact the owner directly: Hire a domain name expert to assist.

Most aftermarket domains are typically owned by individuals, or domain name investors. There are times when large companies own names and that are currently not in use. Each of these entities should be handled
differently. Contacting the domain owner can be the single biggest mistake you can make. Depending on the buyer’s profile, sellers are sure to quote a very high price. Even hiding yourself
with fake Gmail or Hotmail addresses cannot prevent them from uncovering your true identity.

The .com holds the most long-term value

• Secure the .com whenever possible:

Unless yours is a country-specific business/website, it makes sense to choose a .com domain name. Despite the popularity of other extensions, people often assume you own a .com site. .com
websites also rank better in terms of organic ranking because search engines recognize that websites with these extensions are more trusted than those with other extensions.

• Don’t pay until you know your money is safe:

Experienced domain name experts not only guide buyers during appraisals and negotiations, but help with transfer services as well. Brokers make sure the domain transfer is complete, before they authorize the release of funds to the seller.

Buying a domain name for your brand sets the true foundation and sows the seed for many long-term harvests down the road.

Ask the right questions:

Make sure you ask the appropriate questions and understand the transfer process. A trained domain name expert will be able to assist you with all aspects of the transaction.

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