Develop a domain name strategy that work

I recently had three separate clients approach me with new domain name acquisitions. Each of the clients had different end-goals and budgets for acquisitions.

Two of the three names were generic in nature and were currently “parked” domains. They were technically not in use and potentially available depending on the acquisition budgets of the customers.

The last acquisition was a bit more labor-intensive, and required a more, target-specific approach. The asset was a brand name and not, generic in nature.

Domain name acquisitions usually should adhere to the following checklist when trying to acquire a name:

  1. Research the history of the asset(s) in question

A.  Who owns it now?

B.  Is it developed, parked, redirecting or dormant?

C.  Are there any public sales data related to the domain query?

D. What other domains constitute solid alternatives to this asset?

2. Run a trademark search using

3. Make sure your acquisition fits your budget

A. Find a name you can afford


C. Try and get creative with your acquisition

4. Make sure the domain name you’re attempting to acquire, is in good standing.

A. Check the history of the current ownership

B. If site has been developed, make sure they are ranking on the SERPS

5. Create an outline or Business plan for your new venture

A. Always dot your I’s and cross your t’s

B. Make sure you understand the SEO footprint, and what it will take to rank a site.

a) How competitive is the keyword?

b) How hard is it to rank for the keyword?

c) How much CPC is there around the keyword?

d) Is this a heavily searched keyword term?

Due diligence is the easiest way to save money on your acquisition. Make sure that you have a plan in place for your domain name strategy.

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