Your building a new company and it’s time for your domain acquisitions. The meticulously selected set of URL’s will set the foundation of your global brand. You put together a short list of the assets that might work within your niche. Maybe it’s a play on words, or your domain acquisition targets a hot market or idea-potentially an e-commerce play?

Whatever the product or service, you should always conduct the proper due diligence before making a new domain acquisition. Ask the right questions of the current owner and make sure you make an offer based on all of the information.

Here are some more things to look out for when performing a new domain acquisition.

  • Run a trademark search at
  • Ask current owner about the domain history
  • Check alternative TLD’s to see if they are developed
  • Check the Google keyword rank difficulty tool
  • Try selecting names with positive connotations
  • Always keep the domain name precise and short as possible

Let’s expand on each of these a bit more below:


  1. Utilize the trademark search tool to understand if your domain term might be generic in nature, or part of a saturated marketplace
  2. Dig deep to better understand the history of the domain name.
  3. How long have they owned it?
  4. Has it ever been built or developed?
  5. Why are they selling the asset?
  6. Check the other top-level domains to see if there is competition around that keyword.
  7. .net, .org, .co., .io, etc etc.
  8. How difficult is it to rank in Google for your keyword? A simple search goes a long way when it comes to the long-term value and difficulty of SEO for your brand
  9. Happy and positive are better than Sad and negative terms. Most Internet users prefer to shop and buy goods and services at “happy places” vs. etc.
  10. Short and memorable always offer long-term upside to the owner. Long term equity and investment opportunity on the short and brandable .com URL

In conclusion, always run a bit of diligence after you establish your short list of targeted domain acquisitions for your brand.


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