The domain market has really heated up in recent weeks with a slew of inventory selling in the aftermarket. has successfully closed three six figure deals, and two decent five figure deals in the domain market.

Four out of the past five sales were to end users. Three of the sales were targeted buy-requests and the other two sales were completed using our end-user outreach efforts.

Premium .coms continue to drive the market. All five transactions are short, or single word .com domain name inventory.

The fourth quarter has historically proven to be a strong quarter in the domain market space, and this indeed seems to be the case.

2017 in general, has seen a strong demand for End-users with targeted domain requests. Most of our transactions this year (about 65 percent) have been stealth acquisition requests on the buy-side.

We have also seen a tremendous demand of quality, high-premium inventory continually hit the domain market. Names that have never been for sale are finally hitting the open market.

Furthermore, the domain market for investors has continued to deteriorate. Most investors have found alternative investment vehicles—such as Etherium and Bitcoin.

As more and more brands continue to fight for market share, the end-user domain space is primed for continual growth and prosperity.

Additionally, we will continue to see the premium .com domain name, drive the market. Brands recognize the importance of premium beachfront real estate.

Alternatively, .co, .io, .net, and .org have seen steady growth as a low-cost alternative to the superior .com.

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Domain market pointers and advice:

What should you look for when investing in domain names?

  1. Find domain names that add value or help tell a story about your brand?
  2. Always focus on short, brandable, generic
  3. .com is king; recognize a suitable alternative when applicable
  5. Hold the investment for minimum 6 months
  6. Don’t get caught up in trendy brands or names
  7. Learn the domain name history
  8. Timing is everything

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