A Domain Broker adds more than value, they take the confusion out of the transaction.

Recently, a client came to us with a targeted asset they wanted to add to their portfolio. After a little research and understanding, we contacted the seller and reached appropriate terms to secure the domain name in question.

Domain Broker

A good domain broker assists the client with the following:

  1. contacting/locating
  2. negotiating
  3. escrow and transfer.  The buyer understood the advantage of adding a qualified domain broker to represent their interest.

In this instance, the seller was a control freak. They needed to oversee and micro-manage the process–multiple times sending correspondence to the buyer instead of the domain broker. At one point, the seller had to be asked not to contact or reach out to the buyer.

All correspondence needed to go through the domain broker. The seller delayed the process by sending an authorization code directly to the buyer. Somehow, it wound up containing an extra character-and inevitably slowed down the transfer process.

Eventually, after two weeks, the domain was finally transferred.

The domain broker should always handle all communication on behalf of buyer and seller.  The process and flow is more fluid and professional. Most names transfer within 7 days.

Additionally, the domain brokers reputation and history should weigh heavily when selecting the appropriate domain broker for your project, or rebrand.  The domain broker should add value, but also should remove any confusion for both buyer and seller. It’s extremely important that strong lines of communication are open and flowing…

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