In this post, let’s take a look at the list of Fortune 500 companies and their domain names.   This information contains some of the largest companies in the World with multi-national corporate identities.

Data was compiled using,

There are a couple high-level observations on the list. Lets take a look:

  • 498 companies currently use .com as their domain name core-identity
  • 2 companies currently use .net as their domain name core-identity
  • roughly 75 percent of companies use a made up brand as their core-identity
  • more than 12 percent of companies use a generic name as their core-identity
  • on average, 13 percent of companies use an acronym as their core-identity

What are the conclusions?

Most noteworthy, domain names are the foundation for all recognizable brands. The value of .com as the global brand is a crucial component for long term success.

Additionally, companies that are just starting out tend to find an inferior domain name until they have enough capital to secure their global .com domain name. Take for example, and the comments from their CEO, Noah Kagan

“I wanted to buy something for $50,000… I ended up spending $1.5 million. The crazy part: The money was spent on the domain name And it took 7 damn years to get! 😫 But today, we own the 82nd most expensive domain ever.” “There are 3 major lessons I want to share from buying this domain”:

1- Set your biz apart from your competition. There were SO MANY “Sumo” clones out there. I wanted us to to be the definitive Sumo.

2- If no one can pronounce your company’s name, it’s hard to grow. No one knew how to pronounce SumoMe (our old domain name).

3- Invest in growth. We want to go BIG, and our new domain shows that.

Finally, take the time to enlist the services of a domain name expert who can assist you with the potential acquisition. Hence, an expert with knowledge on the domain name marketplace.

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