Domain Name Tidbits for July

Here are a few domain name updates and thoughts on the marketplace during the dog days of Summer….

A Domain Broker perspective:

  • The domain name investor has continued to wait only for deals and opportunities. Most of the deals are happening with the end user. Brands continue to swallow up new .com inventory with buy-requests and targetable assets.
  • China is trading at very low levels with the market way down. The market has been hit the hardest to this point…
  • Keyword domains are STILL valuable and attractive. Keyword-centric domains still hold fantastic value and continue to drive domain in target-specific sectors.
  • Geo-Domains are no longer as viable as they used to be. Search is so targeted now and the Geo has suffered as a result
  • A few nice domains that we have been marketing recently were sold. We are constantly looking for new inventory that warrants proactive end-user outreach. Do you think you have a name that meets our stringent criteria?

Send over your inventory now for review and consideration.

Things we are looking for (updated 7/18/17)

  • Revenue-generating web properties with minimum 12-months of stats
  • Revenue-generating web properties in the following verticals or niche(s)
  1. Home Services
  2. Security
  3. Internet
  • Single word, one/two syllables around Heist, Steal, Hit (.com only) Up to lower 7-figures for right name
  • Single word .coms around Betting/ Gambling/ Sweepstakes
  • Brandable single word .coms for a new tech startup. Must be memorable and unique

Looking Ahead

There are no indications that the market will be shifting anytime soon. In the third quarter, we will continue to see buyers driving the demand with supply levels at all-time highs. The .com space will continue to see growth, specifically on single word and buyer-targeted acquisitions.

Investors and sell-side clients will continue to remain on the sidelines and wait for aggressively-priced inventory to acquire. Inventory will be sold with solid six and seven figure pricing.


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