What’s your domain strategy for 2017?

Whats your domain strategy plan for the remainder of 2017? Do you continue to stay on the sidelines, or are you getting more active.

There are many investors still sitting on the sidelines, waiting for a change to current market. The last high of the market was in early 2014 with most of the activity happening in China over the past 2.5 years, ultimately driving the market. What’s the likelihood that the market will rebound in 2017? Does your domain strategy change? If we take a look at DNJournal.com , there is a solid reporting of public domain name sales so far in 2017

Let’s take a look at a few indicators that will help us understand the increase:

  • We are starting to see a rapid decline of GTLD registrations with names starting to drop. Investors are starting to wake up and see that the GTLD market is premature at best. According to Ntldstats.com, more than 2 million GTLDS are set to drop or pending delete status (that’s roughly 7.35%) of all new extensions!
  • The end user continues to invest in their global brand. There is continued use of solid single and two word brands and keyword rich domains.
  • Investors are stingy and very selective, with many opps being passed over in the hopes of something better down the road.
  • Values of .com are starting to increase in the Western world with a nice selling trend over the past few months.

In addition, when we look at these a little closer, these are solid indicators on the strength of the marketplace. The domain investor looks for the best longer-term deal while the end user works to protect their image and brand for their domain strategy.

As a reputable domain name expert, my job is to represent my client and offer them value to help grow their brand. I’m bullish on the .com-always have been and don’t see a reason to alter course now.

The .com is here to stay. There is a direct correlation between the current stock market and the domain market and most of the short, brandable or generic .coms seem to continue to trade hands and increase in value.

Furthermore, I’ve started to invest specifically in the brandable .coms that add value or solve a problem. There are literally tons on opportunities with new ideas available daily.

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