Domain Monetization

Simple domain name monetization Strategies…and accessibility

Here’s the question: Are you currently appyling domain name monetization techniques and are the domains properly optimized?

Tons of domains are unresolved; or they show ads that aren’t at all relevant to the search query or keyword. Some domain names sit dormant for years with no income whatsoever.

Try implementing these strategies when considering the best opportunity for  domain name monetization

  1. Target keywords that drive traffic and search. Acquire names with relevance so you can monetize it with little effort.
  2. Do your research on the monetization provider. There are many monetization companies to work with. Some are better than others so do your homework for the best fit
  3. Don’t become complacent. Make sure you test different solutions. One provider might be better optimized for CCTLDS while another provider has a better platform in a specified niche.
  4. Check out the history of the domain name. Maybe the name you just bought used to be an old website with tons of backlinks. Try and capitalize on that traffic and organic search for your long-term speculative domain acquisition.
  5. Avoid the negative connotation or names with a negative meaning. These names tend to generate less search.

Are you accessible?

Every name in your portfolio should resolve and be accessible to anyone, which takes us to the second point. Don’t hide behind your names. Dialogue and exposure are good for business, and keeps people honest. Additionally, take the time to set up your names so they are at least accessible. Keep your data up to date and generate income.

Domain name and website owners should avoid domain privacy whenever possible. There are times when names need to remain private. However, more often than not, the privacy is a waste of money for the domain owner.

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