Are you considering buying domain names? Use these simple techniques to improve your likelihood of securing the perfect brand.

Domain acquisitions and buying domain names are a regular occurrence in the aftermarket domain business. Often times, end users attempt to secure their brand, or idea without consulting a professional domain name expert or broker. This can lead to major headaches and issues when an inexperienced person tries buying domain names. Here are a few pointers when going at it alone…

  1. Don’t email a domain owner from your work email address-Use an alias, or better yet-hire a professional.
  2. Do your diligence-don’t start reaching out to the domain owner(s) until you have a formulated plan and budget. DO YOUR RESEARCH!! This can save time and money if you have a legitimate plan of attack.
  3. Ask the right questions-never assume the answer. Always ask the appropriate questions and understand the history of the domain name in question.
  4. Run a trademark search– the worst thing you can do is acquire a name and then realize someone else owns the trademark. Check out to run a trademark search and make sure your name is safe
  5. Understand the value of the name– if you are targeting a solid domain acquisition, such as a single word .com; make sure you know the value. A $10k offer on a $500k name just won’t cut it. Make sure you are not wasting the domain owners time.
  6. Review alternatives– again, run the diligence, it will save you money in the long run.

These are a few examples of spending the extra time and effort to secure your brand. Your best option is to hire an expert or seasoned veteran that has the experience and industry relationships. Learn more about our services by clicking here

Bottom line: DON’T LEAVE YOUR MONEY ON THE TABLE. Establish a plan and stick to that approach. Work with an industry professional that understands your needs and requirements.

A seasoned and experienced broker can help you with the true market value and, ultimately help save you money.

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