Namescon is the domain event attended by more than 1400 domain professionals and investors, speculators and newly minted domain owners. Every year domain industry veterans migrate to Vegas from all over the World. There are four days of action-packed face-to-face meetings and sessions. Many topics are related to domain regulations, investing, development, TLDS, GTLDS and all things domains.

There are many reasons to attend the conference including meeting up with old friends and colleagues and exchanging war stories from the past year. We also tend to look at trends and upcoming forecasting for the business over the next year.

Namescon is The Domain Name Industry event where tons of collaboration and business occur, driving the domain industry forward and offering long-term sustainability. There are many informative sessions consisting of domain policy, trends, tips and all aspects of web development and monetization.

Additionally, we meet one-on-one with the people that matter most, grow friendships and build long term relationships. Sometimes, we chat about our latest sale and share a laugh. We can also learn new techniques-or teach someone something new. Maybe just catching up with an old friend about life-with no mention of domain names.

The conference begins Sunday and runs through Wednesday at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. There will also be a live auction with some solid inventory for sale.

If you plan to attend the conference, please contact us so we can coordinate a meetup at the show. If you’re unable to attend but would like more information on the auction, please visit the listings page would be happy to represent your interest in any of the domains listed in the auction for no fee. If you see a name, and will be unable to attend, please contact us today to discuss your options and secure your name.

For those also unable to attend the conference, please reach out if you would like a recap of the show and if enough folks have interest, we can publish a follow up post.

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