Domain Investments

2017 will  have many new solid investments in the domain industry. There is plenty of domain inventory to go around.

Here are five predictions for 2017 in the domain industry

  1. Consolidation will continue-Companies will continue to swallow up the competition, and the “core players” will continue to distance themselves from their competitors…In turn, some other companies will simply close after not being able to compete.
  1. GTLD registrations will decrease in 2017-As the market continues to mature, we will begin to see certain GTLDS fall by the wayside. As of today, there are 5m registered alternative generic top level domains. Additionally, We expect a precipitous drop in the domain industry
  1. China will dominate the market-With a steady increase in registered Internet users, the Chinese market has grown immensely since 2005. China has a market saturation if 52.2 percent of active Internet users out of a population of roughly 1.3 billion people. Furthermore, there is room for major expansion as China makes up roughly 1/5 of World Internet Users.
  1. New .com registrations will continue to decline-In the domain industry, the long tail keyword domain name has lost its luster. The long tail keyword is not as valuable as it once was. Google used to put tremendous relevance on the domain name, however, the domain name is not as important when developing a comprehensive SEO strategy.
  1. Short, generic .coms present a great long term investment-Simple, short, memorable and catchy are all ways brands separate themselves. Investing in longer-term digital real estate opportunities will continue to drive the domain name aftermarket.


A few additional thoughts based on our expertise at for 2017

Domain names will continue to grow in 2017. We will see more investors searching for the next great investment. The end-user market will continue to blossom and grow. Clients will be target-specific. Many investors will continue to sell-off their speculative buys. Most solid long-term investors will remain on the sidelines, and acquire opportunistically. Additionally, GTLDS will continue to strengthen overseas; primarily in Asia, we will see some of the new strings either be sold, or discontinued by the registries operating them.

What are your thoughts for the New Year? How will the domain name space continue to evolve? Who will drive the market, the end user or the investor? We always welcome your feedback and encourage you to join the conversation here.

We also would like take a moment to thank all of our clients and customers for an incredible 2016 and look forward to assisting you all with your domain industry needs for many years to come.

As always, please feel free to forward this post on to your friends and colleagues. Please feel free to contact us with any positive or negative feedback.

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