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Domain brand, what makes a good one?

What Makes Good Brandable Domain Names?

Time and time again, business development and brand managers try to secure brand names that are catchy and memorable. Some clients tend to get stuck with a name that is not their first choice-usually because the name they want is either in use, or is too expensive for their budget. The perfect brand name is the foundation and springboard towards growing a global business.

Good domain brands usually are short. They can describe your business or service offering. Sometimes they are catchy names unrelated to your market. Let’s take a closer look at a few domain brands that built their business with a solid brandable domain brand.

Lets start with Google started their brand by choosing a name that really had no meaning or search volume. This was a brandable domain name that would become one of the largest, and most successful global brands. Check out additional brands below. Some are generic in nature, while others are straight brands.

Case in point: well-built booking engine for travel goods and products, launched in 2015 killer brandable domain, built from the ground up brand again with no firm meaning

Brandable domains vs. Generic, category descriptive domain names

When selecting the perfect brandable domain, it is very important to put yourself in the potential users’ shoes. What type of name is going to be the most memorable, short and descriptive? Should you choose a generic domain name with meaning, or think outside the box and find something that you can develop the domain brand around-such as a made up word.

This is a very important step in any new brand or business. The domain brand name is paramount whether you are an online business, or brick and mortar establishment. You want your clients to be able to find you and a short, and memorable name will assist with that strategy.

Some business professionals tend to focus on the generic-specific URL that directly is tied to the goods or services a particular site is offering. A perfect example of these types of names include: targeting the travel niche towards Yoga poses and products. on the niche of exercise bookstore operated by Barnes and Noble

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