What Makes Good Brandable Domain Names?

Picking a domain name for your business is one of the many important decisions that you will need to make to reach success. Your business will grow into the name you choose and will be your online identity forever. At Name Experts, we help our clients pick brandable domain names that are catchy, related to their brand, and perfect for organic search. What makes a domain name catchy? How can you determine its SEO value? And finally, what are the essential elements of a good domain name? Here are a few things that go into creating great website domain names:

Great domain names are short:

  • Shorter domain names are easier to remember and also minimize your audience’s chances of a spelling error. While most generic single word domain names are already taken, it pays to be a little creative. If the word you’re looking for is taken, try adding an adjective or a verb before the word. However, it shouldn’t be awkward to read. For example, getapizza.com makes sense, but not seeapizza.com! You want the domain name to be short, but not too short. Some people consider using acronyms, but those might not be for you unless you have established a name for yourself as a brand that’s referred to by its initials. Examples include fb.com, un.org, and unicef.org.

Try .com first:

  • Not long ago, pizza.com sold for millions of dollars, but a similar domain name, pizza.info sold for around $3,000. Unfortunately, the pizza.info seller had paid close $6,000 for the domain name! Dot com domain names sell for a better price because they’re widely recognized when compared to other TLDs. While the ICAN has introduced several top level domain names, public recognition of TLDs seems to be restricted to .com and .org because they’ve been around for a very long time.

Use keywords, but sensibly:

  • Including keywords in your domain name helps with organic search rankings. Coming up with absurd website domain names only because they’re SEO-friendly, however, can be counterproductive. In fact, Google now views domain names with exact match phrases with suspicion, which is likely to affect brandability.

Quirky works, but not always:

  • Some companies started their business ventures with a domain name that had nothing in common with their business. Yet, now they’ve managed to become extremely successful brands. Case in point: Google.com, twitter.com, and tumblr.com. Look for names that are catchy and sound like a brand when you hear the domain name. Don’t include names that have a hyphen or number, because they’re hard to remember.       

Stay away from trendy domain names and TLDs:

  • Just because a domain name is trending now doesn’t mean it always will. This includes picking up some of the latest TLDs. The idea is to keep things simple, recognizable, and easy to remember.

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