How does SEO play a role in your new branding or naming initiative?

Search Engine Optimization is everywhere these days. There are tons of companies that offer ways to increase your websites visibility in the search engines organically rather than through paid search or direct navigation. A few years ago clients were making acquisitions and paying top dollar for the relevant url based on SEO metrics and they would develop a formula to establish the fair market value for the domain purchase.

SEO is an important component to any digital marketing strategy as its simply another way to drive additional traffic to your web presence. SEO also adds credibility to your brand. With a combination of relevant and original content as well as a solid link building strategy, you could really add significant upside to your core conversion metrics.

Any successful web startup or functioning entity should realize the importance of selecting the appropriate domain name. Take your time and choose wisely as the domain name is the foundation and stability for your brand. Here a few pointers when adding a domain name that would be SEO friendly:

  • Find something that separates your brand from the competition. Something catchy
  • keep it short and simple
  • Find a name that was originally registered many years ago
  • Check out the history of SEO here is a good resource:
  • Target the .com

There are many other items that should also be considered, however, this is a good starting point for your next naming opportunity.

SEO vs. Paid Search

Clients ask me often if they should consider pumping funds into both SEO as well as Pay-per-click advertising. In today’s instant digital landscape, consumers have grown savvy and understand that a comprehensive marketing strategy should never limit their ability to build their brand. A varietal mix of SEO, PPC, Social media, and perhaps even APPS will allow companies to continue to engage their prospects with a more personalized marketing experience for their customers.

Let’s not lose track of the foundation of the brand, all starting with a solid domain name to build upon. The web still dominates our queries with companies like Google shattering revenue records year-over-year.

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