What is a GTLD?

According to Wikipedia, Generic toplevel domains (gTLDs) are one of the categories of top-level domains (TLDs) maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) for use in the Domain Name System of the Internet. A top-level domain is the last label of every fully qualified domain name. They are called generic for historic reasons; initially, they were contrasted with country-specific TLDs in RFC 920.

To put it more into layman terms, GTLD’S are all of the newer 1500 extensions that are being slowly added to the marketplace. Some of the new GTLD’S include .wang, .top, .club, .law, .legal, .xyz etc etc. As GTLD’S continue to be released, the value of the .com continues to fluctuate and change based on a clients specific needs. There are many domain investors that have changed course and see sizable opportunities as they relate to domain investing and especially, the GTLD’S.

Is there an advantage to the GTLD over .com?

As a premium domain expert, clients continue to ponder whether one of the new extensions would be a suitable “alternative” to the .com. Our belief is the GTLD is a solid alternative for your small to medium sized, local or regional-type business that sees the importance of a web presence, but doesn’t have the budget to go out and secure the .com, or beach front real estate. GTLD’s are a cost-effective alternative to a company or organization that needs the web footprint, but cannot devote a large sum of funds to a domain name purchase.

As a long term investment, the .com continues to drive the market.


Who is the largest buyer of GTLD’s?

At the time of publishing this piece, 54 percent of all new GTLD registrations are occurring in China. China continues to drive demand for these types of names as an alternative investment where investors can acquire and speculate on new extensions for the cost of registration fees.


Why we are bullish on the .com…

When we talk about long term investing and ROI, we think about the Stock Market, Commercial or residential real estate investing, gold bullion and Forex and certain, domain investing…There are literally hundreds of thousands of primed opportunities to invest in the domain space. As the last 25 years have shown, the .com is entrenched and branded in our brains as the most credible TLD in the market, both domestically and abroad. Companies work hard to protect their brands and marketing tactics. They invest millions of dollars and countless resources at building that beach front real estate and maintaining their presence in the world. As experts in the domain space, we continue to recommend the .com as the superior domain asset with considerable upside and long term equity potential.

Its a buyers market…

There are literally tons of solid .com domain names for sale at the present time. The aftermarket is ripe for the picking with new spectacular inventory available daily. Both the investor market, as well as the end user market continue to acquire inventory, while a new steady flow of domain owners add new inventory to the aftermarket, choosing to sell after standing pat on the sidelines for many years. Its a great time to find the perfect brand in the .com space and acquire it while the domain supply is very high. For more information on top investments in the .com space, please visit; http://NameExperts.com

What other extensions are good investments?

Clients ask regularly if there are decent alternatives to the .com. There are many .org domains that hold lots of power and credibility. Specifically, the health space is one example of domains that hold significant upside and value. Sometimes, the .net is a decent alternative for clients that don’t have the budget to acquire .com domain name. For more insight into the GTLDS and how they are altering the landscape of the domain space, as well as additional resources for the fastest growing GTLDS, check out https://ntldstats.com/





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