The Internet Commerce Association was started in 2006 by organizations and companies that wanted to establish a voice and help shape policy for domain owners and organizations alike.

Led by Phil Corwin, a well-seasoned veteran with federal legislative experience, the ICA focuses on core initiatives that are pertinent to domain name owners. Some goals of the ICA include:

  • Ending Reverse Domain Name Hijacking
  • Promote Competitive pricing
  • Condemning and Fighting Fraud
  • Shining a light on Internet Governance.

Why support the Internet Commerce Association:

Whether you are a domainer, or have an interest in the domain space the Internet Commerce Association does very important work. Furthermore, they stand up for the rights of domain registrants.

Phil, Nat, Dan, Jeremiah and Kamilla really are in-tune with advocacy. Phil takes our fight right to capital hill and works tirelessly to represent our community by staying ahead of the curve.

The Internet Commerce Association is a collective of domainers that look to shape the policies of the domain space and create a voice for our business. The ICA protects the rights of the at-large domain space community. They also offer a voice to strengthen our position on domain policy and law.

Additionally, I am a member because without the ICA, our collective voice is non-existent. The Internet is continually changing and evolving and we need a group to help support our efforts as it relates to new guidelines and legal ramifications.

In conclusion, please check out the ICA here. Additionally, follow them on twitter @icadomains

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