Hire a brand expert first.

Every day, clients ask me for help with valuations and insight on whois history, domain relevance and what it takes to select a killer brand name.

As a brand expert, we add value to the potential acquisition.

Its important to strategize before selecting a new brand expert. Sometimes, businesses lack the due diligence needed to make sure they choose wisely. Here are few pointers that should be taken into consideration when choosing a new domain for a Startup or existing brand. As a brand expert, we look for the following:

1. Keyword or Domain history-make sure you research the keyword and history around the keyword before making an offer or purchase. Don’t get caught spending a large sum of money without understanding the true potential of your keyword or brand. Are there other entities trading under the same name, maybe just with a different extension?
2. Do a basic Trademark search-to often clients get fooled by a name without taking a few minutes to search if there are trademarks that would limit their ability to trade under a specific domain name. Visit www.uspto.gov and conduct a basic mark search to make sure you are in the clear before any acquisition.
3. Make sure name is not stolen or hijacked-There are some names that are stolen or not with the rightful owner. Dig deep to find out if your prospective acquisition is free and clear of any issues.
4. USE A Brand expert-An excellent broker should be able to provide the following: knowledge, expertise, superb negotiation skills, and overall insight on the anatomy and value of your prospective acquisition.

At the end of the day, its important to do your homework and ask questions. Make sure you only work with a brand expert that has the experience and track record. Take the time to ask the questions so you don’t get screwed out of your name.

Brokers should also offer similar alternatives that might be better fits for your new brand or startup.  A brand expert can also provide suitable alternatives to your existing brand. Don’t settle for a name just because the broker was too lazy to follow through. Know your options and choose wisely, as the domain name is simply the lynch pin and launching platform for the most successful brands… Build brands that tell a story

For more information, or a free no cost consultation, please visit www.NameExperts.com

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