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What makes a Great domain investment?

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What constitutes a Great domain name?

Many times clients wonder what makes up a great domain name.  Domain investments  The formula varies from person to person. Some clients have a specific target in mind when acquiring a new brand, this is a name that they require that has been pre-determined, typically with no additional alternatives. Pricing is subjective as domains are only worth what someone is willing to spend on them.

There are however, names that are available on the aftermarket that are strong, solid domain names that usually provide additional upside as an investment vehicle. Let’s explore some of the types of names that can provide solid long-term growth and ROI according to

When we discuss the anatomy of a solid name we look at a few specific criteria. A great resource for items 2-5 below is,

  1. Word length-how short is domain name? Is it one word, two words, or more? Short names usually provide better, long term investments unless you have popular or trendy timing for a specific url or niche. I/e: Marijuana


  1. Search Volume-how much search volume does the keyword generate? Don’t look at the broad search, narrow it down with the, “exact match local search” to get the real search volume



  1. CPC– what’s the average Cost-per-click for the keyword?


  1. Competition-what type of competitors are bidding on the keyword?



  1. SEO Friendly-how difficult is this keyword from an SEO perspective?



  1. Market Comps-what is the market telling you? Search for alternatives that are similar and were sold within a 6 month period Check out com to get the latest market comps.


  1. Market Category-What niche does your keyword target? Ecommerce, Lead generation, Directory, Information, Forum/ UGC sites


For a general rule of thumb, we recommend targeting short catchy generic domains that have meaning. Names that can be developed as a brand. Some examples of solid domain investments are below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

We do understand that acquiring single word generic .com domain names are not always an option for domain investors. However, we are of the mind- set that one great domain name is more valuable than 100 sub-par names.

We value your opinion and would like your feedback. Please send us an email to with your opinion and potential topics you would like to see covered on our blog in the future.

As always, happy domaining!


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